Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Back to Reality

I'm Back! Vacation was great (with the exception of a little family drama)! It was nice to get away and breath some fresh fall air and have nothing to worry about. No laundry, no work, no pressing issues. It was nice just to do nothing! For all who didn't know we went up to Ludington MI. Daniel loves to fish (YUCK) so he looks forward to it every year. I like the campfires and the long walks. Next vacation though is Going to be in the mountains!!!! Anybody up for a trip to the mountains??? A cabin in the mountains....We could get a few couples or families together.......C'mon, it would be fun! Anyway, I just thought I would say hello now that I am back!
OH, Please say a prayer for John, Elizabeth and Xander!! Xander had an incident while jumping off of his bed yesterday and broke his leg in 2 places. He is now in a cast for 6 weeks. Not exactly fun for a 2 year old or a family who had a newborn. Now Elizabeth is going to have to carry both Zachary and Xander everywhere she goes. They are going to Need Lots of prayer!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Excuse my absence....

Just wanted to let everyone know that I wont be bloging for the next few days as I will be on vacation. I'm not ignoring my blog nor everyone else's, I'll just be without a computer, high speed internet, television and any other sort of modern technology that we have all become so dependent on. :) I will have my cell phone! I cant be cut off from All reality! I know what your thinking.....What am I going to do without a TV on Thursday night.....I'm going to miss Alias!!!! I know, Its awful, but thank God for recording devices!!! OH, you weren't thinking that?? Hmmm....thats what I have been thinking about. LOL! :) Anyway, I hope that you all have a great week and I will be back to join the modern world on Sunday! :)

Friday, October 14, 2005


I ran into someone yesterday that I recognized as an employee of one of the many places that my mother worked and volunteered. I decided since I had a second to stop and ask her if she by chance knew my mom. I asked her if she knew Lynn Fuson and all of the sudden this Huge smile came across her face and she said "Yes, I knew Lynn....she wasn't quite sure why I was asking or how I knew her but......she started to tell me how Much she loved her. I told her I had just noticed where she worked so I thought I would ask and then identified myself as her daughter. I'm telling you guys, the look on her face was indescribable! It was like I told her that I was the daughter of Queen Elizabeth or the President. I have always been proud of my mom and knew she touched ALOT of lives but in that second I felt SOOO Lucky, I was like bursting with pride to be able to say that she was my mom. This woman went on about how much my mom touched her life. She wasn't a client, she just worked with her every so often and she talked about how it just made a difference when she was around. I just wish that you could all have seen the light in this woman's eyes when she was talking. I thought, WOW, what a Godly Legacy my mom left. I feel So Insanely privileged to tell people that she was my mother, and not only that, but I get to see and hear people tell me how she impacted their lives. It sucks that we had to lose her ( and I wish that Jack was able to grow up and experience what an incredible grandmother he had) but I am SO grateful that we had the time we did with her and that she was the woman of integrity that she was while she was here. I'm not sure I can live up to the legacy that she left but I am so proud that I get to try. Thanks for listening!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Shout Out!

I just wanted to let everyone know that my friend Desiree has also jumped on the bloggger bandwagon and has her own blog. I feel especially compelled to advertise it because of the title of the blog. You can find it at
Am I spoiled or what! LOL! :)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fall is Here!!!!!!

Oh, How I LOVE this weather!!!!!!! There is just something about cold, brisk air that just puts me at Peace! AHHHHH! Emotionally, I just feel better. The summer just takes it all out of me. The exhausting heat and humidity just leaves me with nothing but a bad mood! Waking up on a cold morning is like Christmas for me. Its Cleansing, I think! I'm not sure what exactly it is that makes me hate summer and find comfort in the fall and winter months, maybe its something subconscious. I don't care, all I know its that it is FABULOUS!!!!!
OK, Sorry, I just had to post this picture of Jack cause he is So darn cute!!!!!! I want to show the world, or at least the few that read my blog! :)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

My Birthday!

I just wanted to post and say a a big thank you to all who helped make my birthday special! Anyone who knows me know I like to go all out! (I'm a little spoiled :)) My friends threw me a Great party on Sunday and it made me feel SO special! I even won an academy award! LOL! I actually got an Oscar! Well, a plastic version, anyway! My coworkers and friends also threw mw an ALL ALIAS party on Friday and I as you can see from the pictures it really was all about Alias! Yes, I now, I'm a little over zellous about things. But Hey, would I still be Sara Fu if I wasnt? :) Anyway, Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday as well. It was ALL greatly appreciated and I am So blessed to have friends and family like you, both near and far! :) OK....How hot is my cake.....Its PG-13 so, kids cover you eyes! LOL!