Monday, April 24, 2006

What we pass on....

I was just watching Oprah and thought that I would blog some of my thoughts because it was very thought provoking. It was about 3 and 4 year old girls who are obsessed with their looks and their weight as well as girls in general with extremely low self esteem. Being a former annorexic or recovering annorexic (whatever you want to call it) it brought out Alot of emotion because it reminded me of all those same very real and raw feelings. It talked about how we as parents pass on our own issues and insecurities to our children. It made me grateful that I dont have a daughter for once. One, What are the odds that in todays appearance obsessed society she wouldnt grow up and live through the Hell of feeling fat, ugly and inadequite. (when I say hell I am understating) Obviously not every woman grows up feeling like that but there is that chance and going through it myself it would absolutely tear me up to see my daughter go through that. Can anyone e lse relate to those tortureous all consuming thoughts? Two, I feel like with having my own issues she would be coming into the world with a disadvantage already. I do try to be pro-active with Jack in letting him know that Fat is not a word we use as well as other things. But I realize that I use it when I am referring to myself. I try not to but I di it without noticing it. ow do we give our kids a fighting chance so that they will not compare themselves to what they see on TV and elsewhere and feel equal when they go out into the world. What are your thought and opinions? Do any of you see this in your own home.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Has someone seen my Sanity???

I think that I have decided to stay in my house until my children pass the age 3. Not that I am saying 4 will be better but if its not please dont tell me! I prefer to stay blissfully ignorant!!!!! I just made a Pointless trip to the mall with my boys and once we got into the mall Jack turned into a possesed monster!!! I have NEVER seen my child or anyone elses act like this in public before. He was Flailing around for reasons I really couldnt understand becuse he wasnt makng much sense underneath all the crying. The ENTIRE mall was gawking at the both of us. I am sure I wasnt making their shopping experience enjoyable but I wasnt going to give Jack what he wanted because that would teach him nothing. SO, we didnt get anything done that we needed to do and I packed up our stuff and left. (After buying him shoes that I am praying fit him, needless to say I didnt reaLly get to try them on) A total of 45 minutes at the mall he spent about 38 minutes screaming his head off. I DID notice later that his cousin gave him some red candy when we first got there which could have been the culprit. Jack has a Strong reaction to red food coloring. (Thanks Levi! :))I'm worn out!!!! So, when you see poeple in the store and their kids are acting like lunatics what do you do. Do you roll your eyes or give them thumbs up for not giving in. (I understand that the answers may be different for those who have children and those who dont) Obviously leaving the store and going home is the best option and gets my sons attention so really there isnt much point in taking him if I am going to have to leave a place 20 minutes after I get there. Such is life....thanks for listening to my vent session!!!
On a happy note..................1 more day until ALIAS!!!!!!! If anyone calls me tomorrow night between 7 and 9 I will NOT pick up!! :)

Friday, April 07, 2006

What the.....

I was reading my friends blog and thought I would post a link that she had. Its about how planned parenthood has spent the past four years trying to inch its way into the christian community. It was interesting and I am still in awe. Share your thoughts.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The fear of the unknown

So, 2 children continues to keep me on my feet and it is also bringing new changes in my life. I will be entering the wold that works ALOT but doesnt get paid. Otherwise known as the Stay at home mom!!! I just put my 2 weeks noice in at the bank after working there for 7 years. Its been a place I never really wanted to leave but circumstances are telling me that its time. I know that its God because never before have I been ok with the thought. I am sure I will get into something to make some supplemental income just for my own sanity but it will be something I can pace myself at and do on my own. Pray for my sanity in dealing with being at home with my kids full time!! :) At least I have enough friends to keep me busy socially which is a Must for me!
On another note, i just finished 2 books that were Excellent! "The Book Theif" is a historical fiction about a foster girl in Nazi Germany during World war 2. If your looking for a book to read, pick it up! The other was "The Giver", much shorter and good story!