Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Those silly little rich people

OK, So I went to the Aberdeen subdivision garage sale a few weekends ago and although I found a few gold mines I had to sit back and laugh at alot of the residents. The very first garage sale (KEY WORD: GARAGE SALE) I ventured into I saw a box labeled "Nursery Ensemble" 325$. HAHAHAHHA!!! Who goes to a garage sale planning to spend that on a crib set!! LOL! She was selling her onesies for 2.50 each. Yes, onesies, plain Carter omesies. Apparently because she lives in an upscale neighborhood her baby clothes rise in value after her kids wear them! LOL! My next stop I found a table of toys and kids goodies. I saw a brand new Aqua Doodle still in the box. YOu could tell it was a bit older because the box was faded but it hadnt ever been opened. She was asking 10$ for it, but as I picked it up I saw another garage sale sticker that read 8$. It was evidently from another garage sale and I am sure that these people paid 8 bucks for it out of someone elses garage. I figured since she bought it for 8 I would offer 7, the lady looked at me like I was crazy and said "These things go for 15 at ToysRus". OK, First of all, I'm not at ToysRus I'm in your garage, second of all there is a sticker here that says 8$. (OK, I didnt actually verbalize the first part) She got really flustered "Oh that was supposed to be taken off"! Yah, I figured that lady! She opted not to take my 7 and acted like I was going to give her 10. She was appauled that I wasnt going to buy it. It was the principal of the thing. I HATE it when people tell you how much they bought stuff for when you make them an offer. I know how much stuff is for in the store but your selling it at a garage sale!!!!! If you want to make money off something sell it on Ebay! ANyway, thats my rant. I guess I should also say that not everyone was quite so arrogant. The good sales did outweigh the "Boutique" priced sales. One guy told me I could have anything I wanted for free, he just wanted to get rid of it. I got some good childrens learning games for Jack there. Ever play Hi-Ho-CherryO? :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The long awaited lake house

We are the proud owners of a house on a lake! Something that my husband has been wanting since, well, not sure how long, but probablly long before he met me. After a long weekend waiting for the previous owners to get out we finally moved what little furniture we have for the place in on Saturday evening. Daniel, being Daniel (and Ryan) ripped out the kitchen first thing. It wouldnt be any fun for him if there wasnt a project involved! :) Desiree and I gutted one of the bedrooms that was in SERIOUS need of a makeover!! I'm not into Peach and Grey floral wallpaper with bright peach lacy curtains! I know it sounds lovely but its just not my style. If any of you are interested in the curtains though mabe we could salvage them. HA! We had a little time left over to relax in the hot tub and take the jet skis out but next time we need to reserve more time for that! I will try to get some good pics this weekend and post some. Des had some of her and I in the hot tub but we ended up looking like a couple so I opted not to post that! LOL!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Me......with bangs

Ok, Asher is just an added bonus. I just happened to be holding him when Des was taking my picture but he is stinkin cute so I figured you wouldnt mind! OK, so this is my new look. I have people tried to convince me for years to get bangs but it seemed like to big of a commitment. The period when I was growing them out when I was 11 must have scarred me. :) Well, on Monday when Des was getting her hair cut, she and my sister-n-law convinced me. So, for the first time in 17 years I have bangs. What do ya think?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthday

Ok, you are all going to laugh but August 9th never passes wihtout me remembering Melanie Griffiths birthday. After spending 7 years gaining as much information possible about the woman you cant help but not acknowledge their birthday. For any of you who dont know when I was 14 I became facsinated with Melanie (kinda bizarre, I know) but anyone who knew me, knew just as much as I did because it was always the topic of conversation. Sorry Guys!! HAHAH I even made my class at school pray for her every morning! ( I went to a christian school) I still pray for her when I think of it!
So, Happy 49th birthday Mealnie!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New and Improved!

Thanks to my Fabulous friend Kendrah (also known as Girlscout) I have a new look for my blog! Isnt it so ME! She did it with no help from me all the way in Seattle. Ok, well I did tell her about my Melanie obsession! Remember that?? HAHAHAH! Good TImes!!! Anyway, Thanks Kendrah, I love it!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well, after lots of phonecalls, faxes, headaches, and chest pains we finally have an update on our real estate disaster. THe GREAT news is that we got the lake house after all. We actually get to close next week! :) YAY and YAY! You would assume that since we got the house we must have been able to close on the apt. but that is not the case. We are Still having to have the apt rezoned, which means Lots of time and money. We asked the buyers to find a new lender (we even offered 5 grand off) but they refused. THey had a meeting the other day to discuss if they wanted to wait this out. THey decided it was a good time to ask for more money. WHAT??? THese people are Frickin MORANS!! Long story short they asked for about 3 thousand dollars some of which they are claiming is lost income. LOST INCOME??? That doesnt even make sense???? If they walk away and dont buy the place they are going to have to wait alot longer to get some income out of a place. PLUS, they are the ones that are choosing to make this drag out. All they have to do is find a different lender and this wouldnt even be an issue! UGh, Anyway, at this point we dont care if these guys walk or not. We luckily got the Lake house on a 3 year land contract so we really have 3 years to sell our other property. So thats our update. God is good and He is totally in this. Thanks for all your prayers!