Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another Day, Another Worry!

I was watching Good Morning America this morning (Alot of my posts start like that, don't they? lol) and I was very saddened when I heard Robin Roberts announce that she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was trying to talk while very evidently holding back tears and it made me really sad for her and her family. Then, just as I was thinking, "I wonder if there is alot of cancer history in her family?" she says that there is NO family history. Apparently 80% of cancer patients today have NO family history. WHAT! I always took comfort in the fact that we really didn't have much family history of cancer. Of course, then I start thinking of all the things that give out carcinogens and the probable reasons why we all seem to be doomed to get cancer someday! I just made the switch to 7th Generation diapers and now I feel like I need to clean out my house of all the crap cleaners, detergents, plastics etc.... . I may sound crazy but now that I have children that count on me, not only to be there for them but also to keep them safe from harm, I just don't take this stuff as lightly as I did before. Does anyone know what are cancer rates are now in comparison to what they were back in the day when we exposed ourselves to less of this stuff. Just wondering. Thanks for listening to me ramble about my worries! :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

And the winner is.......

Congratulations to Jennifer over at Managing The Motherload! She is the winner to my Pampered Chef Summer Giveaway! I used to a random number generator to choose so it was completely fair! Hopefully I will win something myself since I spent hrs of my life signing up for almost 500 giveaways! lol! Its amazing the lengths that we will go to win things! :) There is just something fun about it! I have to say that it was fun to be able to check out all the other fun blogs out there!
Oh, I also wanted to give a Shout Out to one of my new favorite blogs. Confessions of a S-A-H-Mom is just starting out but its like reading a day out of my life every time I bring it up. :) Check it out!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Give Away

So, I am hoppin on the band wagon of the HUGE give away that Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer started! I mean HUGE! There is great assortment of things that you can win and all you have to do is comment. You have got to check it out!! (Click me to get free stuff :) )

I am doing my part in the giveaway by offering an assortment of Pampered Chef products. There are 2 Seasons Best cookbooks, a pair of bamboo tongs, a set of Grilling Recipe Cards (15) and sample of the Southwestern Seasoning Mix. All you have to do is comment (before Friday July 27 a2 12am) to enter yourself and I will randomly pick a winner on Friday. I cant say when the winner will be posted for sure but it will be posted by Friday @ 11:59pm. I will ship to Us and Canada. Good Luck!

Amazing Love

I was watching GMA this morning and they were doing a segment to advertise their "PRIMTIME" tonight and I needed to talk to someone about it because its a subject I love diving into. Well, no one was around to talk to so I decided to blog about it. :)
So there is a Primetime special on this evening following a 15 yr old girls journey as she places her baby into the arms of another family to raise. Watching the segment this morning stirred up alot of emotions because I grew up in the middle of situations like this and I sincerely hope that this special shows what an incredible, sacrificial love that is behind adoption. For those of you who dont know I spent years, as a teen, living in a maternity home (Father Heart) where my mother was the "house mom" as well as the case worker, etc.. There were girls ranging in age from 13 to 30 and all had different plans. None of them were ever persuaded to do anything other than look at both options ahead of them, parenting and placing. I have been with lots of teens as they go through the process of choosing what is best for their baby and then watched them mature overnight as they actually have to follow through. It is one of the most Amazing, yet gut wrenching, things to watch a 15 year old girl place her baby into the arms of another woman, entrusting her with her most precious possession. It drives me out of my mind when I hear women say, "I dont know how someone gives their baby away, I could never do that". They act like its some selfish act and these girls deserve more respect than that! Its one of the most selfless acts that a mother could ever do and I wish people saw it that way as opposed to the thoughtless way that people choose to view it. I mean, c'mon, if a girl (especially this day in age) actually decides to go through her pregnancy and give another family a gift that they are not able to have on their own. That sounds pretty incredible to me, selfish isnt the word that comes to mind. :) Anyway, another soapbox of mine! Anyway, you should all watch tonight, hopefully it portrays it well and shows the heart behind these amazing girls, whether they go through with it or not. Do any of you have any first hand experience with any of this or been near it at all? What are your opinions?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm a Rockin Blogger!

I have just received my first blogger award! My SIL and best friend Elizabeth (I am sure her nomination wasn't biased, lol), @ The Whole Family nominated me for a Rockin Blogger Award and I am ready to accept. Its funny, I think her motivation for my specific nomination was to get me to post more because I am kind of a slacker sometimes. Lets see if I can live up to my award. :)

Ok, So, I guess I am supposed to nominate 5 others but Elizabeth already nominated some of my favorites and I only have enough time in day to check a few so I am nominating less than the required amount. I hope I dont lose my award for that. lol. Anyway, here goes...

1) I have to give my first to my friend Kendrah, who blogs like No other! She keeps up several different blogs, holds down a job, coaches basketball AND has a social life! I discovered her through our mutual love and obsession for ALIAS and she is SO devoted that that ALIAS blog, one yr after the Series premier, is still going strong! That's Devotion and She rocks! I don't care if you don't like Alias, just go to read her stuff. :) Lets Talk Alias.

2)Jenny, The Bride Helper, is my second choice. She is a friend and a local wedding and event planner. She always has something insightful to say or something controversial, both work for me! (You would have been #1 if you would have gotten your nose peirced with me....J/k...lol)

3)Jenn is another Alias junkie who I met through our mutual obsession but I have come to enjoy reading her blog as well, which is full of pictures of her Adorable daughter Rachel, and she ALWAYS has something posted that makes me laugh. Thanks Jenn..... Birdie Two Shoes

4)This last one goes to my friend Sarah who is just getting this because she finally caved and opened up a My Space and actually posted her first blog. I am just proud of her for making the effort to follow in our footsteps. LOL. Life is Good

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh, that Steven......

Ok, Its late and though I really should be in bed, because Jack has been throwing up all day and Asher has been less than an "independent" child, I am up to feed my Steven Colbert addiction. :) I like The Daily Show, but "The Colbert Report" is so inanely funny that I ALWAYS know that I can get a good 20 minutes of pure laughter out of it. Its like the release I need at the end of my days filled with crying, fighting, whining, poop, etc... , or in the middle of it for that matter. :)Ooooohhhh, its just So funny! Anyway, if anyone is interested in becoming a part of the Colbert Nation just click here, or at least do it to read the contract because its funny. :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tell me Yours....

So, all this talk of piercings, tattoos, etc has gotten me thinking of other peoples tattoo choices. I mean, since a tattoo is so permanent whatever people get is typically pretty special so I wonder what people have chosen to get and why or if you don't have one, what would you get if you were to get one? I have comedy/tragedy masks on my ankle which I wanted for 6 years before I actually got them and they are obviously representative of my love for theatre. I have had my tattoo for about 8 years and still love it! Does anyone have one that they wish that they didn't?
Tell me all about your tattoos! LOL! :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Vacation pictures

I told you that I would post some pictures from vacation and I am actually doing it. :) I am actually blogging three times in one week! Holy Cow, its like a record or something. lol! Check out Jacks first catch! How Cute, Ay?

In other news........I just overcame my fear and got my nose pierced. The thought of a needle going through my nose seemed too painful but my desire for a nose piercing become larger than my fear apparently and I just closed my eyes and did it. Its Super cute and I am SO glad that its over! :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sling Give-A-Way

Happy 4th of July!! Hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

I just thought i would let anyone interested know that My SIL is having a Solarveil Sling givaway on her blog. All you have to do is to click here and sign up in the drawing. She will be picking the winner in the morning. Good Luck!!! :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Back and Hopefully Better!

Well, I am now officially unemployed! For those of you who don't know, I gave my 2 weeks at the studio due to some childcare issues. Des, who was co-oping with me got another job so therefore making it not as beneficial to continue on with the studio. Although I LOVED it I really believe that this is best for my family. Jack was having a really hard time with e working and I couldn't seem to keep up with things here. Anyway, it feels nice to be able to concentrate on the the kids for the summer and I should be able to blog more. :)

We just got back from vacation in Michigan so there was a reason why I wasn't blogging (this time anyway). :) It was SO relaxing, I am always bummed to have to get back into the daily hubbub of reality. It makes me want to spend more time at our lake house, at least before it sells anyway.

OH, Jack had his first experience of being in a wedding 2 weeks ago and, Holy Crap, he was ADORABLE!!! Ryan & Lauren made good on their promise to have Jack in their wedding someday and I had a slight fear that he would freeze but he did an Incredible job!! He did everything exactly as he was instructed. The flower girl walked down with him and threw flower petals in peoples face. That was a trip! lol! He had a great time dancing the night away with the help of the Red 40 in his Shirley Temple. He was running around in circles on the dance floor like a dog chasing his tail. LOL They really should take that stuff off the market. :) He did eventually pass out on the floor while cuddling with Daniel, which explains the picture of the 2 laying on the floor. :). On another note, wasn't Lauren Beautiful!
OK, Enough rambling, I will post vacation pictures soon and hopefully I will blog more faithfully now that I have some time at home. I trust that you will all remind me if I should start to slack! LOL!