Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggady Jig!

I wasnt neglecting my blog on purpose I was just not able to read or post since we were on vacation last week. We went and spent a few days in Chatanooga TN with my grandparents which was actually alot of fun. I loved watching my My grandparents with the kids. Jack ate up all the attention and my grandmother was able to stop Ashers fussing everytime she held him. Arent grandparents great!I also got to see my moms old dog Tessa. My uncle Randy adopted her after my mom died. my grandparents had fattened her up when they had her but she is back to her old self now. Spoiled and healthy. No more caramels for her! (who gives their dogs caramels??? other than my grandparents of course!) My mom would be happy! Anyway, after Chatanooga we went and met our friends Jamie and Liz in the mountains by Pigeon Forge. It was a Fabulous cabin secluded in the woods. I LOVE THE MOUNTAINS!!! Jack fell in love with the hot tub and now asks every five minutes if we can go to Menards and buy one. I'm not kidding when I say "every five minutes". :) We all had a great time and I wasnt to thrilled about coming home! But alas, all good things must come to an end. (I guess that phrase doesnt apply to everything but oh well) I hope you all had a good week!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Here we go again....

If you have read my brother and sister-n-laws blogs you will see that there is a VERY LARGE possiblilty of them moving away from here, all the way to NC. Now my brother would jump at any chance to move back there and I am glad that this is something that would be good fo rhim and his family. I love them and want whats best, BUT, dont I still have the right to be upset. I know that if its Gods will then they will get the job and they will b on their way and I trust that will be what is best but Gods will isnt always easy to accept. I am sure that it was Gods will that my mom leave this earth but I gotta tell you it REALLY Sucks not having her here!!!! Especially Now! So, here I am, the last remnant of my family, still here. Do people Really think that I am going to welcome the last peice of my family leaving me. It seems that its a trend. Hmmmmmm?
OK, so I just had to get that off my chest. Again, I want what is best for John and his family so I am praying for Gods will.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


OK.....I have officially replaced my adult vocabulary for a 3 year old vocabulary. Even as I write this I sit for several minutes in the middle of each sentence to try to find my words. I seem to have lost any capability of having an adult conversation with words bigger than 5 letters. It took me 4 minutes to think of the word capability. How sad is that? I was trying to write a comment on my friends Alias blog the other day and somewhere in my head I had a really intelligent response but I had No words to put it in. I takes me so long to put words to my thoughts that by the time I actually do I have a 3 year olds whining for my attention or a newborn that wants to nurse. I eventually gave up because my brain started to hurt! :) My children turned my brain into mush! AGHHHHHH! :) Does anyone else get this? Will I ever get my intellagence back?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sharing my Qhirks.....

I figure I can get away with this whie they are young. Right now my kids enjoy things that I do because they want to be like mommy and daddy. THere will soon come a day when we arent so cool and I am taking Full Advantage!! :) So, for now....Jack and Asher are Alias fans along with their parents! Arent they Lucky!
During the Acadamy Awards when Jen came out to present an award Jack exclaimed "mama, its Sydney!!!" Thats my Boy! Speaking of that....did you see her almost totally wipe out as she came out! It was Very Close! Anyway, Not much more to say because I have spent my day with kids and my brain is pretty much mush! :) More on that later.....

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Today is my mothers 56th birthday and though she is no longer here with us I wanted to acknowledge it all the same. I received a phone call last night from my best friend from middle school who I haven't talked to in a good 10-12 years. She continually told me how sad she was about my mom and how much my mom meant to her. I am always so incredibly surprised on how many lives she touched and how deeply she touched them. It must say something about a person when their pharmacist comes to their funeral. :) She was Amazing!
I also wanted to say thank you to my sister-n-law. My friend Janet asked me last night how I was dealing with not having my mom around since we were so close. I thought about it and I have to say that Its totally God that I have my sister-n-law, Elizabeth in my life. I can call and vent or cry or ask silly questions, and most of all I can sit and talk about my mom with her and know that she feels the same loss. So, Thank You, Elizabeth, for being there....And Thank you, John, for not moving you and your family away! :) OK, enough blubbering! Thanks for listening!
Oh, to John and Lee......Janet Cooper says hello!