Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Ok, So have a situation that I could use some advice on. I know some will think its bizarre in general but for those of you who think its a valid question, I would like your input. :) This is my 3rd child as you know an I am really trying to educate myself more about birth. I am obviously into a more natural approach to certain things like breastfeeding, etc... but I have always taken a real liberal approach to birth. Now I say liberal, I always have a birth plan and with the exception of an epidural prefer things pretty natural, but that is a HUGE exception. I decided to do some reading this go round since it will most likely be my last. I wanted to have the best experience possible. Ok, So the Dr I have used to be a home birth midwife so I totally trust her but she was not able to attend Ashers birth. Her Nurse midwife delivered him which was ok but even she will tell you that she is a "medical" midwife and was not willing to do even some of the things I had on my birth plan for Asher which had been approved already by my Dr. I wasn't super impressed with her (though his birth went fine) and wouldn't really prefer her or her bedside manner. Anyway, she (my Dr) is also in a practice with another male Dr that is WAY OLD SCHOOL and someone I would not trust with my delivery. So, here is my delima (I know, finally, right?) I talked to my Dr the other day end explained that I would like a natural, drug free, water birth and she was super into it but when we talked about my due date she realized she would be out of town around then. She also was honest about the fact that her colleagues would probably not be able to give me the birth experience I was looking for. She said we could just play it by ear an see what happens but what happens if she is gone and that old school crazy guy is on call?? I'd rather have my baby at home! I'm not even really super crazy about the midwife in the practice doing it this time(though that would be better than the alternative). So, do I start looking into home birth midwives, do I stick with it and see what happens? I guess there are 2 in the area that are nurse midwives so they accept insurance and HOLY CRAP are they cheaper. If I had known how much cheaper it was to do a home birth I would have planned it from the start. Good lord! I've had 2 good births, I'm not high risk so I cant imagine it would be a big deal. Anyway, I'll stop rambling now. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Holy Crap......I know!

I figure since people keep posting occasionally on this thing I should at least be considerate enough to give an update. :) I am indeed still pregnant, 25 weeks along, and I am also still having a rough go at it. Some days are better than others but it has not been the easiest pregnancy. It hasn't been all bad though and I have to say that I know it will all be worth it in the end. :) This baby moves a TON, much more than my other 2 so its Really fun in that respect. :) We have had 3 ultra sounds but are not finding out the sex of the baby this time. We thought it would be nice to have one surprise. :) So, you all have to wait this time too! lol! I will try to get on top of my game and blog a little more. I do need to post some pics of the kids as well as some maternity pics so I will work on that. :) For now, this is all I have, a short update. :) Hopefully, you'll hear more soon, right now Asher is climbing on me so I must go. LOL:)