Saturday, December 10, 2005

At home with Baby!

Home At Last!!! Well, its been a long few days but it turned out wonderful! Thank you all for all your prayers and posts! Its so nice to sit and read all of it this morning! For all of you who didn't get the full story I will try to give a quick summary.
I went into the Dr on Wednesday morning for my normal 38 week check up. As soon as the Dr walked in the door I could tell there was something up. Basically she started telling me they were concerned that the baby was so small and that he was continually Not getting larger from week to week. Something about being in the bottom 10th percentile and that they couldn't see what was wrong until we actually had him here. They couldn't take a chance and let him go for any longer. So she looks at me and says "It looks like we are going to have a baby today" ! What, Holy Crap, I wasn't expecting that! So I was on my way to the hospital. It was sudden and kinda scary because I didn't know what was wrong but it all turned out great! I was induced at 1:30 and Asher Daniel was born at 10:03 pm. He was a little small at 5lbs 14 oz, 18 in but he is in good health. They aren't sure what was causing the small gestational age but who cares, he's healthy and Adorable!! I will post some better pictures later but for now hopefully this will do.
To all those wondering if I watched Alias on Wednesday. I actually was going to but my epidural started wearing off right when it came on and I decided to turn it off so that I could enjoy it at a later time. :) It was good though because I ended up having him right at 10 so I would of missed half of it anyway! Oh, and isn't it kinda cool that Jennifer and I had our babies just 7 days apart?I know, I'm a dork!
Thank you guys again for All your thoughts and prayers!!! I love the fact I have people from everywhere rooting and praying for me!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Baby Update

Well, I had an ultrasound yesterday to check on the progress of the baby because it seems that I am measuring very small for how far along I am. So as a precaution they wanted another ultrasound done. It looks like we just have a Very small baby. He is about 5 pounds 7 oz right now which puts him about 2 and a half to 3 weeks behind but they aren't changing my due date because we are all pretty certain that Dec 18th is right on target. The other ultrasounds done earlier are typically much more accurate as far as due dates go and they have All said Dec 18th to the 20th. So according to the tech It looks like things are OK and he may just be small. She will talk to the Dr on Monday and see if there is anything to be concerned about and then they will let me know on Monday (if they are concerned) or Wednesday at my Dr appt.
Other than that it was fun to see the baby on screen again. He looked pretty cramped in there but he was head down and pretty low so hopefully he is getting ready!! I know I am!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Jen and Ben have finally welcomed their new baby girl into the world!! Littel Violet Anne Affleck is what I hear the name is. I am sure that Anne is after Jennifer Anne Garner. It sounds like it must have been pretty fast because according to the news she was induced last night and had the baby sometime very early this morning. Apparently she was due on the 8th but they induced her a week early. Wouldnt that be Great!!!!! Of Course, you never know if what the news says is accurate or not. I guess we just have to take their word for it. ANyway, I'm extremley happy for the new parents and I know they are busy falling in love with this new little angle in their lives! :)