Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beware, its a soapbox :)

This post may ruffle a few feathers depending on those who read it. Some, I know, will whole heartily agree and others, well, others may not. lol. :)

I recently was talking to a friend from high school about parenting methods and, as with so many parenting conversations, the word "Babywise" was uttered. At the site or sound of the word I usually get somewhat ruffled because its my personal opinion that its more of a method revolving around the needs of the parent than the actual child. Again, JMO. :) It has a Very popular following especially among Christians. I mean, He has a book called "Growing kids Gods Way". FOR REAL??? That must be the Bible of Parenting! Lol! He must have some inside track! Sheez! Anyway, instead of just giving my own opinion based on emotions (like I just did in the previous sentence,lol) I decided to do some research. Come to find out, this man, Gary Ezzo, although he has led millions in how to parent and raise "Godly" children doesn't seem to even know how to conduct himself in a godly manner. At least not what I would consider Godly. He has some major character issues that seem to really flare up when people have opinions that differ from his. He is very opposed to AP (attachment parenting) or anything, for that matter, that is not completely in line with his method and goes so far as to call it "anti-christian". LMAO! Focus on the Family made this statement in 2004
"Most troubling of all, when approached with these concerns by parents and professionals alike, the Ezzos have responded in an inappropriate manner. Rather than addressing head-on the valid questions that have been raised about their materials, the Ezzos routinely attack their critics and dismiss their concerns as “anti-Christian.” In addition, a number of respected publications, including _Christianity Today_, _World_, and _The Christian Research Journal_, have reported on character and accountability issues that have arisen between the Ezzos and several reputable churches. For these reasons we have chosen not to recommend the Ezzos’ curriculum to Focus on the Family’s constituents. In the final analysis, we would suggest that, if a parent decides to use the GFI curriculum, its principles should be implemented only in conjunction with generous measures of common sense, intuition, and natural parental affection."
To add to this he has had several issues with churches including being excommunicated from one in CA., he has no relationship with his own adult children and most importantly there are some really sad cases of people being duped and following his Parent directed feeding so strictly that it had severe health consequences for their child. NOW, all of that said, I know people who sware by babywise and they're children aren't scarred by any means and they are great parents. For one, I believe they use allot of flexibility and mostly recognize their cries as needs not manipulations. So, Please don't think that I am calling anyone bad parents, I'm not! I am appalled that millions of people sware by this guy and no one seems to know anything about him or his credentials. I'm also always trying to understand the pull to it as well because it just never sat right with me as a mom. Isn't that what you have to do as a mother, follow your instincts, not just do what a book tells you?
Ok, Feel free to state your opinion! Again, please dont be offended as I am just asking for your input and not putting down anyones parenting! :) :) I love you all! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Princess....

I Know, I know, more pictures but I'm obsessed with this little Angel and just assume you all want to see how she is growing! As for the picture of me, I was just impressed with my sons ability to photograph and thought I would show off his talent. lol!
Oh, and just to update you, Eden is just about 3-4 ounces away from 8 pounds. Its taken a while but she is gaining well now! :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ok, Ok! I had to post about Sarah Palin! How can I not!? I mean she is on the ticket for Vice President!!! I dont care what side of the fence your on, you gotta admit its cool to have a lady with 5 kids as the VP nominee. Alright, some people may not think so but Oh well! :) I am in love with these pictures with her son in a sling while she signs a bill. lol. Think what you will about her stance on things but I am energized just watching her. :) Maybe its because I can relate to her as a woman. I mean, Hillary is a woman, but not one that I can relate to, thank God. Lol! :) Anyway...... Oh, and on a totally surface level.....I Love her hair!!!! I want hair like that!
This is a late night post and really was just spurred on by watching the convention all night so I really dont have a ton to say because I'm sleepy. :) Nothing too insightful to say. :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Few Firsts

Thought I would post some pics of a couple of "Firsts" in our household. Jacks First Day of School and Eden First Bath. Eden was 3 weeks in the bath pictures. Can you believe that she is 4 weeks!!! I cant believe that she is so big already. Ok, "big" isnt really the right word, but you know what I mean! :) Speaking of size, she is about 7 pounds 1oz now. I am hoping by her 1 month checkup she will be back up to birth weight. It took her longer than some but she is getting there. :) Someday she will fit into these adorable clothes I have. :) Oh, and the last picture is just cute and is a great picture of her beautiful big eyes. :)