Monday, February 19, 2007

Holy Cuteness!!!!!

I know I am a little of a picture-aholic but how can you not be with cuteness like this staring at you all the time!
Ughhh....its just SO cute! I went in to get my free 8x10 at Picture People because I needed a close up for Jacks room but they were rude and wouldnt take me so I ended up going down to work and having Des take his pictures so that she could get some practice. Now, How fabulous are theses pictures?!?! Good job Des!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Love Greys....Greys, Greys Greys! (said in the tone of Ron Burgendy)

Ughhhh....though it tortures me and pulls at my heartstrings I just cant get enough of that show!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! So, if you didn't see it tonight and are planning to watch it later Don't Read This!!!
So, They cant kill Meredith...I mean...its called Greys Anatomy, As in Meredith Grey!! So though they did a convincing job at making me doubt this I have to think that in the end she will come through...BUT, they did refer to the next episode as the "Devastating" conclusion. I mean, technically wasn't she kinda already pretty much gone at the end of this one? Anyway, whatever happens..this is great drama and great writing!
I just have to ask, does anyone else watch Alex from Greys and just continually see a foreign guy named Mossimo trying to gain the affections of Jennifer Lopez (The Wedding Planner). Des and I may be the only ones but I had to ask! :)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Here we go......

I am officially finished with training at work and now I have to try to apply everything that I have been taught, Ha! It was MUCH more en depth than I thought it would be. I guess it makes sense, your learning how to be a photographer basically but I think I underestimated how hard that would be. All that said, I am excited about it all. :) We have to take pictures of models for about 2 weeks to see if we know what we are doing so if any of you want your pictures taken come on down! :)

Aren't my boys cute?? I got Jacks 4 yr pictures taken the other day and as I watched my boss try to pose them and actually get Jack to smile(he HATES having his pictures taken) I realized how difficult this job would be. I just hope that all kids aren't as difficult as mine! lol! She did get some good pics in spite of all of it! Let me also say what a benefit free pictures are for someone, like myself, who is obsessed with pictures! This job will definitely come in handy! :)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Feb 6th- Happy Birthday Jack (and Ronald Reagan)

Jack and Xander @ 3 months
Jack and Mommy at 2 1/2 months

Holy Cow, Time moves SO much faster as you get older or Maybe its just after you have kids, I dont know. Anyway I cant figure out how 4 years have past since I gave birth to my first little miracle. Jack was a Huge surprise to Daniel and I, we werent quite expecting to have a baby so soon after we got married but 11 months later we realized that God had a better plan for us in the form of Jack Carter. I'm so glad that God has a better plan for us than we have for ourselves! If we had waited the 2 years that we had planned then my mom would never had been able to meet any of my children and I never would have seen the ultimate joy in her eyes when she held Jack for the first time or witness how she she LOVED to spoil all her grandchildren. As I look back, there are SO many blessings in having him when we did. One of many is how he teaches me to be a better wife and mother and is constantly challenging me to smooth out my rough edges. The fact that EVERYTHING we do is teaching them something is very daunting and challenges you to step up! Anyway, I am So very grateful for that 7lb 4 oz blessing that God gave us 4 years ago yesterday and the bigger he gets the bigger the blessing he is! Do any other parents ever feel like they are going to explode because they love their kids so much. Its Really Crazy, who knew?! :)

Sorry the pictures are when he was 2-3 months but, for some reason I dont have any newborn pics on my computer. We must not have been digital yet. :)