Monday, January 30, 2006

Baby Training? Is this a Circus?

I just have to vent a bit about something that really confuses and perplexes me. Of course, its probably going to step on some people toes but we are all entitled to our own beliefs.
This whole parenting style of "Baby Training" or the idea that this baby came into my house they can fit around MY schedule is somewhat disturbing to me. First of all, did the baby get a say in whether or not they came into this family, second, they're a baby, isn't this the time in our lives (as parents) that we are learning to be selfless as opposed to selfish. Aren't children Gods little way of teaching us the the world doesn't revolve around us and we should put our children BEFORE our own selfish wants. So, that said, the whole baby training, ie, letting our babies (babies being the operative word) Cry it out because they should learn to do things on our schedule is somewhat ignorant. Why should we expect a baby to act like anything But a baby?? A baby cries because it is the ONLY way to communicate his/her needs. If we ignore those cries we are, in turn, ignoring their needs. A 6 month old doesn't have the capacity to manipulate. Yes, it may cry because it wants to be held but that is a need to a 6 month old. They wont be babies forever and I don't believe that we are "spoiling" them by giving them what they need. After all something that is spoiled is typically left alone untouched on a shelf somewhere. Now, I'm not saying that Baby training doesn't work, it does, if you let your baby scream he/she will eventually get tired because no one is responding to its call, she will give up and at this point begins to learn not to trust his/her own feelings or his mothers. How frightening would it be to be so helpless and it seem that your very basic needs are being ignored. OK so I'm ready to hear your opinions...dont hold back. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Back Home...

We are all back at home safe and sound! Thank you all SO very much for all your prayers! For all of you who didn't know Asher was in the hospital. I cant tell you how frightening it is to have your 6 week old baby in the hospital and to feel so helpless. Long story short(I dont have a ton of time), Jack apparently got Whooping Cough somewhere and apparently passed it along to little Asher as well as possibly myself. Its not that big of a deal for Jack or I to have it because we have been immunized but its a little scarier in a 6 week old who hasn't yet been immunized and doesn't have a lot to fight with. Thank God I am breastfeeding! Somehow Asher also had a chest X Ray that said he had pretty severe pneumonia as well but we were all stumped (Dr included) as to why he wasn't quite as sick as a baby with severe pneumonia. Anyway, either way he is being treated for both but since he made such a wonderful recovery they said he was able to come home and finish getting better here! So whether it was Lots of Prayer or a bad xray I am just glad that he is doing well and able to be at home without a bunch of wires hooked to him! I cant tell you how disturbing it is to see your little 8 pound baby with an IV attached to him. Its very sad. I cant tell you how grateful to God I am to have a healthy baby!!! Anyway, its good to be home myself as well, those hospital beds are not the most comfortable! :) Thanks again for ALL of your thoughts and prayers and I will try to blog again soon. Life kinda gets away from me sometimes!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm So Tired!!

I forgot that having a newborn is so tiring! Not that it isn't worth every second but the fact remains that my body is exhausted. The physical exhaustion added to the hormone changes in my body make me very emotional. I feel like a big cry baby half the time. Some things seem warranted while others seem trivial. I went out to my mothers grave the other day and as I was talking to Jack about her I started thinking about how much fun he would had with her now which in turn started lots of crying. I cant even tell you how much she loved her grand children, she would have SO much fun with them at this age. Its not really fair that they don't get to see how much she treasured them or that they don't get to be spoiled by her. My mom would have given a stranger the shirt off her back, can you imagine what she was like with her grandchildren. Anyway, sorry I got side tracked. Oh yah, I was babbling about my emotions. All I'm saying is when you have to fight back tears during "March of the Penguins" you know your a little over emotional! Its a documentary about Penguins for cryin out loud! That's just Silly! :)
Moving on.....Levi and Beth went home a few days ago (I cried about that to) and everything is getting back to normal. I am in the midst of planning JAcks 3rd birthday party but other than that its pretty non eventful. I posted a couple pictures. One is of Asher and the other is Daniel and I at my Co. Christmas party. I think it was like 4 days before Asher was born. Sorry my post was so random and scattered.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

I know that it has been a while since I posted but I hope that you will forgive me since I am trying to adjust, once again, to having a newborn in the house, not to mention having a 2 year old as well. Things are going well but I am Exausted because of lack of sleep. Asher has decided he likes to nurse ALL night long which means I dont get any sleep. rgot how exuasting nursing is! Other than that things are going well though. He is Very cute and so far had a good temperment.
I hope that everyone had a Wonderfull Christmas!!! Ours was great! It was So exciting for Jack this year. He is really at an age that he can grasp what is going on so it was a blast! Family came to visit and to meet Asher, my brother Levi is up for a few weeks and I am Really rellishing in that. I always forget how much I miss having him here until he comes to visit! Anyway, not much more to report but I Really want to hear how everyone elses Christmases were, so c'mon blab away!
Can I also say, (not that you care) but I miss my Alias on Wednesdays! :)