Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I cant imagine that anyone is actually reading this but if you are then your a person who obviously had faith that I would post again someday! Well, "someday" has come! I cannot even believe its been almost 2 months since I posted last. My laptop is on the fritz and its much more difficult to post when I am confined to an office because the boys come in and get into things they shouldn't and decide to turn it into a playroom. It gets Really old after about 5 minutes and the way my brain works it takes me ALOT longer than 5 minutes to organize my thoughts for a post. I started several but they never formed into anything that was comprehensible. Unless, of course, your a 3 yr old and then I am sure it may have been captivating. Anyway, thats my excuse for now and I hope that eventually people will read this thing again. :) Once I can get my laptop up and running for Internet access then I can post some pictures but until then its just me babbling. :)
Well, as far as life here goes we are all getting ready for Christmas and Jack is more excited than ever. He totally gets it this year so its super fun! For all of you who have not received your Christmas cards yet this year (which would be all of you), be assured that they will arrive but slightly AFTER Christmas. I have not been on top of things this year, but they are all addressed now and ready to go. We'll just call it a new years card this year!
Last, but not least, I do have a little Christmas news for all of you who do not already know. We are going to be having another baby sometime this summer. :) As far as I can tell I am about 10 weeks along and I am loving it just as much as I loved it with my first 2. :) Anyone who knew me while I pregnant with my boys knows how fabulous I feel while I am pregnant. lol! In all honesty, I believe that this time has been worse, I remember with Jack I was sick in the beginning but not this bad. My pregnancy with Asher was NO where near this miserable. I feel like I have had the flu for a month!Oh, and the heartburn....Good Lord! I'm praying it subsides soon because my family is not getting the attention that they need. Anyway that's my story!
I hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday!
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Well, I was going to wait until I could post some pictures from the weekend to blog, but since I forgot my camera and am waiting on someone who was smart enough to bring theirs to pass some pictures my way, I decided to post them separately. Did that make sense? Anyway.....The weekend was a BLAST! It totally felt like a teenage sleepover, minus the alcohol and the sex talk. :) We spent our first night up till about 4am dying our hair, doing face masks and laughing hysterically over everything. I told you it was just like high school. LOL! I came home and told Daniel that and he looked at me like I was crazy. That, of course, is NOT his idea of a good time. :) The rest of the weekend we spent playing games and talking about everything that you DONT talk about with just anybody. I haven't laughed that hard in Years! It was so refreshing! The only problem with the whole weekend is that is was too short. :) I hope that all the other ladies had as much fun as I did!

Oh, I do have to add that my husband not only had NO problems with the kids but when I came home on Sunday evening my house was clean and he was making dinner. How fabulous is that? So, All in All it was a perfect weekend and I cant wait to do it again. :) Hopefully any of you who weren't able to come this time will be able to do it next time.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Girls Weekend!

I am SO excited and yet a little nervous about my first weekend away from my kids EVER! The only time that I have been away from Jack was when I went in to have Asher (I wouldnt call that a vacation) and last Thanksgiving when I went to my dads 60th birthday in NC and, of course, then I had Asher with me. So this will be my first night away without children in almost 5 yrs. Holy Cow! I am going up to the lakehouse for the weekend with about 6 other chiks and we are going to do whatever we want! lol! :) Hopefully Asher is not too traumatized, or Daniel for that matter. LOL! I hope that all 3 of the boys make it through the weekend with no ill effects. :) I will give you a full report when I get home. I am hoping to come home refreshed and rid of all the stress that I have stored up. Just a few more hours.............YAY, I think! Its weird how my excitement is mixed with nerves! Thats normal, right? :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My New Look!

Thanks to Kendrah (Girlscout)I have a whole new look and I LOVE it! Its totally me and what is so funny is Kendrah has never even met me and yet is able to come up with a banner that embodies who I am. Thank God for ALIAS for bringing us together. LOL!
Well, I am hoping that this will help inspire me to blog more because as you can see I have had ABSOLUTELY NO inspiration. I must be going through a dry spell or maybe I am just so busy with the boys that I have no time to think. Yep, I think thats it. :)
I will post some pics of the boys all dressed up tonight. They were both SO cute! Asher was a Crazy Cute Rooster and Jack was a miniature Shrek. :) Asher was all dressed up and yet had NO idea what he was doing. :) Jack is now finally at the age where he knows Exactly what is going on and he is ALL about it! Running from house to house wondering what kind of yumminess is going to come out from behind the next door. Of Course, now I have to spend the next few weeks rationing his daily dose of this sugar mountain. I cant wait for the day that he forgets that we have this huge stash of candy in the cupboard. I give it 3 weeks. :)

Monday, October 08, 2007

More Pictures

Ok, So here are the pics that I promised! My kids are kind of difficult today (When I say Kind of, I mean, VERY) so I am not going to babble on about the pictures. Arent you lucky! LOL! :) I hope that you all had a great weekend!

Monday, October 01, 2007


OK, Well here are the pictures that I promised. Well, sort of. My batteries ran out about 10 minutes after we got to the party so I only really have pics of the scenery. My friends have other pictures that I will post later. :)

So the party was SUPER fun! Amidst the fact that some people did not show up (who needs those people :) ) and unfortunately none of my extended family was there, we had a blast!!! I had no idea what the theme was and so when I was lead to the location and handed something that felt oddly like a wand I wondered what "why do I need a wand?" To my surprise I opened my eyes to see everyone in a masquerade mask while Phantom was playing in the background. It was very surreal! YAY, I had my own masquerade! :) The food was YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY the drinks were plenty and the dancing was the icing on the cake! Whats a good party without good dancing (Thanks Des, Sue W and Sarah K)! All in All it was an incredible evening and I am Sooooooooo thankful to all of you who put so much effort into making it special! So, to my fabulous hubby, and tremendous friends, Des, Sarah, and Liz, I want you all to know that I am Soooo truly blessed to have you in my life and you have made my heart full! I Love you All!
I truly wish that all of you could have been there, maybe at my 40th. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

We're Vintage Folks!

I just have to share this because it was so funny! I opened my brothers blog the other day and saw a picture of some Umbro Shorts! DO you guys remember those? I had a few pairs because I was on the Volleyball and basketball team and I wore them for games and practices. Anyway, apparently my brother was looking for some on ebay because his last pair just wore out (Those had to have been at least 15 yrs old). The heading read UMBRO, Shiny soccer shorts, Mens M Vintage! HAHAHAHAHAHA! The clothes that we wore in high school are now considered vintage! Lord I'm getting old!

27, 28, 29........

Holy Crap! In 7 short days I will be primping for my "SUPER SWANK" 30th birthday party! You're all coming right?
Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE a reason dress up and I LOVE a good party! We are mixing the 2 to celebrate my 30th and I AM SOOOOO EXCITED! I am NOT, however, crazy about the fact that I am turning 30! How did I get here, I sware I was just 21! I appreciate the wisdom that I have gained and would Not Ever want to go back to "my 21 yr old self" but there is just something scary about this specific milestone. It is kinda silly, its really just a number and, after all, I am getting to have a big party to celebrate it! That makes it all worth it! :) I should also be thankful that 30 doesnt mean as much as it used to. Apparently 30 is the new 20, 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40, etc.... What does that make a 20 yr old? lol! :)

Next week, I imagine, I will be posting lots of pictures! Arent you excited! Hahaha!

Friday, September 21, 2007

"Life of a Girl"

Sounds like a title to a great book, right? It Is, Its my new book! . "Wait" you say, your not a writer! "When in the heck would you have time to write a book?" Well, Your right, I don't write books and even if I did I would have no time to do it, but apparently my subconscious wants to write a book.....or something like that. :) OK, I will fill you in so all of this makes sense. :)
I woke up yesterday morning and the first thing I thought about was the fact that I needed to blog. I wasn't thinking about what, but I knew I dreamed about something that I was going to blog about. I was actually kinda excited because I had something semi-interesting to blog about. Anyway, I literally went downstairs, grabbed some coffee, (turned on GMA, of course), and immediately went on my laptop to my blog. Just then, I started trying to think about what I was going to post about. "OH Yah, that's right, I was going to post about my book "Life of a Girl". Not only was it published,but people are actually buying it and recognizing me on the street!" Of course this was a fleeting thought before I realized that I'M AN IDIOT and that was my dream, not even close to reality! I felt really stupid and then laughed at myself because it is pretty funny. It was a pretty vivid dream though, I mean, I even titled the book. LOL! OK, so that's my humiliating yet comical story for the day. Please feel free to share if you have your own humiliating story!! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Just wanted all of my readers to know that Elizabeth over at The Whole Family is doing a give away for her 2nd blogaversary. She is giving away a 10$ gift card to Target. Who couldnt use that? Stop on by and enter and dont forget to wish her a happy Blogaversary!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pink, Blue, Orange or Seafoam green, Who the Heck Cares?

I started thinking the other day (I do that sometimes when my kids are sleeping, haha) about colors and why people get all weird about certain colors for certain genders. I personally, am of the thought that a color is a color, no more, no less, so if my son likes pink then who the hell cares, its just a color, right. I mean, who decided that pink was for girls and blue was for boys? I didnt read it in my bible so I am pretty sure that when we were created God didnt designate colors for males and females. How did we get to where we are today where men dont want their boys wearing pink or coloring with the pink crayon etc...? Who decided pink was girly? And for that matter, why is there a double standard? Why can girls wear whatever color they want but boys shouldnt wear "girly colors"? Girls can play softball and be cool, but a male ballet dancer is assumed gay? HUH? What man wouldnt want to hang out with girls in leotards all day? Anyway, what are your thought and opinions?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Do they get any cuter than this?

I know I need to blog more and I should blog about something thought provoking but right now your just gonna get to see my adorable boys! I will try to put together some sentences and post something a little more interesting to all of you. Of Course, I think my boys are pretty interesting. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are You Kidding Me?

Thank God this woman is not my mom! Way to say "I Love You Kids"!

French mom offers 40 reasons not to have kids
Posted: Aug 23rd 2007 7:13AM by Lauren Greschner

People are either going to love the author interviewed in this article or they're going to hate her. Corinne Maier, a French mother of two, has written a book called No Kid: 40 Reasons Not to Have Children. From what the interviewer says about the book, it sounds as though Maier is pretty fierce and truly feels her life was better before kids. In the actual interview though, she seems slightly more humorous (albeit in a dark way).
Maier believes the French Government promotes the idea of family in that country in order to keep the economy running -- more kids equals more consumers to sell goods to after all, and also ups the amount of future earners contributing to the country's pension programs.
But Maier also has plenty of personal reasons not to have kids, 20 of which are listed in the piece. They include:
You will lose touch with your friends.
Your child will kill your desire.
Children sound the death knell of the couple.
You will be duped into thinking there is such a thing as a perfect child.
You will be expected to be a mother before you are a professional or a woman.
Children are dangerous. They will take you to court without a second thought.
Some of the reasons are harsh and some humorous, but I also think that some ring true. Possibly the most shocking thing about the book is that this woman, who lives in a society where having kids is often thought to be the only way a woman can really ever be fulfilled -- and in which those of us who haven't had or don't want children are viewed with pity or scorn -- is willing to admit that she regrets having children.
What do you think, is Maier selfish and crazy or courageous and honest?

This is just beyond my comprehension. I understand that some people dont want children and by NO means think that everyone should have kids, if you dont want them then dont have them, but C'mon, why would you write something like this? Plus this woman has kids, what kind of complexes do you think they are gonna have from this. JMO

Monday, August 20, 2007

Easily Entertained?

What do you guys do if your stuck in the car for a few minutes waiting for your friends to come out of the store?
Friday evening I went out with my girlfriends to go see "Hairspray" (Which was EXCELLENT by the way) and on the way we stopped to get some candy at Target. I stayed in the car so that we didn't have to park but I got bored very quickly. Fortunately I am easily amused and decided that my camera phone would be useful. Right around the 4th picture or so, I realized, "I'm a HUGE dork" and yet I took several more and laughed hard at myself! lol!
I figured I would post something a little less controversial today. I love a good controversy but balance is good too. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Asher Thursday!

Need I say more?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mom Vs Mom

I am sitting here watching Oprah, and it has me thinking about what all of my readers think. Its a panel of Moms, some who stay at home with their children and others who choose to work outside the home. Its really interesting to listen to these women who seem to have such strong opinions and tend to be a bit judgemental. The women who stay at home think its AWFUL for these other women to work and vice versa. I am watching these women just tear each other up and I wondering why these women don't give each other some grace. I have chosen to stay at home with my kids for now but I know that there are lots of women out there who have situations different and may not be able to stay at home or for whatever reason have chosen to work outside the home. I think you really have to have compassion for the women that may have to work because as any mom knows there is SO much guilt that comes with leaving your child or we should just have faith that they are doing what they feel is best whether we agree or not. And for the working moms, I wonder why they think that their decision is any better for their child than having a parent at home with them all day. Something about fostering Independence in their child (that's a load of crap). Isn't it about doing what is best for your kids and that may be different for each family. I think its also about having balance, women cant ignore who they are and Totally immerse themselves in their children and vise versa. What do you guys think?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good Times!

With the help of Daniels sisters I have spent the last couple of months planning my mother-n-laws Surprise 60th Birthday Party and today was the big day! Now, everyone knows that I LOVE a party of any sort but I am especially fond of birthday parties because I believe everyone should celebrate the day that they were born. I am NOT of the belief that as you age that you stop having birthday parties! Most people who know me, know this! : ) Ok, back to what I was saying, Everything came together fabulously and when Nancy walked in it was SO satisfying watching her get caught completely off guard and sob into her hands. She was So blessed and truly touched by the fact that this was for her! Apparently she had never had a surprise party before(I had my first one in 3rd grade)! How does someone go 60 yrs and not have a Surprise party? Thats MADNESS! LOL! Anyway, I thought I would post some pics and show you the Fabulous cake that Des made for the occasion. Thanks Des! :)
Oh and if any of you know someone that has Never had a surprise party then GET PLANNING!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Day #4

Okay, its Day #4 for World Breastfeeding week so I decided to post my own nursing picture. I think that people should be aware that nursing does not have to be something that is immodest. I always hear people talking about how they don't like women nursing in public because they don't want to see other women's breasts. Sorry, but I don't really want to show other people my breasts either. Most women nurse discreetly and I think I do a pretty good job of being an example of that. So, although I am probably preaching to the choir and all, lol, I figure if anyone who reads this has a problem with nursing in public.........plthhhhhhhhhh! I'm so mature! :)

Friday, August 03, 2007

History through Pictures!

I was reading on one of my new favorite blogs today (The Black Breastfeeding Blog) and found the most interesting post showing the Genesis of our breastfeeding culture (or not so breastfeeding culture). I LOVE history so Jennifers post are always like candy to my brain. You really have to check this out. The last picture just cracks me up!!!!!
Click Here!!!

Yes, I know its another breastfeeding post but it is, after all, World Breastfeeding Week! :) Though it is educational, you could learn something new today! lol

Thursday, August 02, 2007

World Breastfeeding Week Aug 1-7

I figured since it was World Breastfeeding Week then I would post my own story.....everyone else was doing it so I thought I would join in! :) Sorry, I am a little wordy so its a little long. Of course if you know me then you know that I am long winded. lol! Here Goes......

When I found out I was pregnant with my first son (Jack) I was a newlywed of 4 months and COMPLETELY caught off guard. I didn't think much about feeding options really because I assumed that you nursed a little in the beginning and then switched to bottles early on. I am not sure where I got this idea. I grew up in a maternity home and was around babies ALOT, I was even in the delivery room for some but I guess just never paid attn to how they were fed. Anyway, I decided to both breastfeed and bottle feed because I had seen how hard it was for my SIL Elizabeth and wanted to try but kinda figured I might not succeed. By the end of my pregnancy I had really read up and educated myself much more and really had decided that I was going to go for it and Exclusively breastfeed no matter what. That said, inside I was Terrified! I had seen so many of my friends struggle and not be successful. Fortunately I had a Dr who was Very pro breastfeeding and gave anyone who was choosing to nurse their own lactation counselor that we could call at anytime. This gave me a little more confidence that maybe I could do this. Though, I have to admit, I still had a stock pile of formula in my cupboards just in case.
My labor with Jack went pretty smoothly for the most part. I did ask for an epidural when I got to about a 5 or 6 and then delivered Jack about 4 hours later. I had a midwife that immediately placed him on my chest and didn't cut the cord until it stopped pulsating. But after SEVERAL attempts by both the nurses and the midwife to get him to latch were unsuccessful we decided to wait a while. A few hours later the LC came in and tried to get him to latch on. Eventually He did latch on but it was a good 6 hrs after he was born. He nursed like a champ after he figured out what to do and after I fixed the mess that the nurses made by giving him a pacifier in the middle of the night. It took me about 6 hours to get him to latch on again. Apparently they ignored my sign that said "no artificial nipples, I am a breastfed baby". Anyway, everything was fine until I went in for his 1 week checkup and he hadn't gained any weight. I was terrified that I was starving my baby and thought possibly I should be supplementing. Luckily my Dr said to give it another week before doing something as drastic as that. I went to my first LLL meeting and collected a few more phone #s for help or support. A week and half after Jack was born I realized the struggle that women have with nursing. It became EXTREMELY painful. My letdown hurt, I felt nauseated, and sore wasn't even a valid word to describe how my nipples felt. Side note: I am not a woman who perseveres, I mean, I am one of those who gives up whenever anything gets hard. Its not something I am proud of but it is definitely true! :) The cabinet with the formula in it was looking SO tempting and yet I couldn't stand to look at this little baby, whose life was in my hands, and not do the VERY best thing I could do for him, no matter what pain it caused me. Over the next 11 weeks I used every phone # and person of support that I had and we made it through the hard part (Kudos to my hubby, who never said, "Just give him the formula" in a time of frustration). It was by no means easy but it was worth it for my baby. I not only succeeded but never gave Jack a drop of that formula. It all expired eventually and we threw it out. :) I NEVER thought I would nurse past one yr because I thought it was gross and, well, basically because I was 1) polluted by society's views and 2) not educated at all about breastfeeding. I never remember making a decision to go past a yr I just remember thinking, how would I even wean him now, he's still a baby! He nursed till he was 2 and a half and I was 6 months pregnant with my second. Nursing Asher (# 2) was somewhat easier in the beginning but still had about 3 weeks of "God I don't think I can do this" kinda pain. He is still nursing strong at 20 months and figure he doesn't have plans of weaning himself anytime soon. I may have to help him eventually. LOL! :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another Day, Another Worry!

I was watching Good Morning America this morning (Alot of my posts start like that, don't they? lol) and I was very saddened when I heard Robin Roberts announce that she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was trying to talk while very evidently holding back tears and it made me really sad for her and her family. Then, just as I was thinking, "I wonder if there is alot of cancer history in her family?" she says that there is NO family history. Apparently 80% of cancer patients today have NO family history. WHAT! I always took comfort in the fact that we really didn't have much family history of cancer. Of course, then I start thinking of all the things that give out carcinogens and the probable reasons why we all seem to be doomed to get cancer someday! I just made the switch to 7th Generation diapers and now I feel like I need to clean out my house of all the crap cleaners, detergents, plastics etc.... . I may sound crazy but now that I have children that count on me, not only to be there for them but also to keep them safe from harm, I just don't take this stuff as lightly as I did before. Does anyone know what are cancer rates are now in comparison to what they were back in the day when we exposed ourselves to less of this stuff. Just wondering. Thanks for listening to me ramble about my worries! :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

And the winner is.......

Congratulations to Jennifer over at Managing The Motherload! She is the winner to my Pampered Chef Summer Giveaway! I used to a random number generator to choose so it was completely fair! Hopefully I will win something myself since I spent hrs of my life signing up for almost 500 giveaways! lol! Its amazing the lengths that we will go to win things! :) There is just something fun about it! I have to say that it was fun to be able to check out all the other fun blogs out there!
Oh, I also wanted to give a Shout Out to one of my new favorite blogs. Confessions of a S-A-H-Mom is just starting out but its like reading a day out of my life every time I bring it up. :) Check it out!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Give Away

So, I am hoppin on the band wagon of the HUGE give away that Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer started! I mean HUGE! There is great assortment of things that you can win and all you have to do is comment. You have got to check it out!! (Click me to get free stuff :) )

I am doing my part in the giveaway by offering an assortment of Pampered Chef products. There are 2 Seasons Best cookbooks, a pair of bamboo tongs, a set of Grilling Recipe Cards (15) and sample of the Southwestern Seasoning Mix. All you have to do is comment (before Friday July 27 a2 12am) to enter yourself and I will randomly pick a winner on Friday. I cant say when the winner will be posted for sure but it will be posted by Friday @ 11:59pm. I will ship to Us and Canada. Good Luck!

Amazing Love

I was watching GMA this morning and they were doing a segment to advertise their "PRIMTIME" tonight and I needed to talk to someone about it because its a subject I love diving into. Well, no one was around to talk to so I decided to blog about it. :)
So there is a Primetime special on this evening following a 15 yr old girls journey as she places her baby into the arms of another family to raise. Watching the segment this morning stirred up alot of emotions because I grew up in the middle of situations like this and I sincerely hope that this special shows what an incredible, sacrificial love that is behind adoption. For those of you who dont know I spent years, as a teen, living in a maternity home (Father Heart) where my mother was the "house mom" as well as the case worker, etc.. There were girls ranging in age from 13 to 30 and all had different plans. None of them were ever persuaded to do anything other than look at both options ahead of them, parenting and placing. I have been with lots of teens as they go through the process of choosing what is best for their baby and then watched them mature overnight as they actually have to follow through. It is one of the most Amazing, yet gut wrenching, things to watch a 15 year old girl place her baby into the arms of another woman, entrusting her with her most precious possession. It drives me out of my mind when I hear women say, "I dont know how someone gives their baby away, I could never do that". They act like its some selfish act and these girls deserve more respect than that! Its one of the most selfless acts that a mother could ever do and I wish people saw it that way as opposed to the thoughtless way that people choose to view it. I mean, c'mon, if a girl (especially this day in age) actually decides to go through her pregnancy and give another family a gift that they are not able to have on their own. That sounds pretty incredible to me, selfish isnt the word that comes to mind. :) Anyway, another soapbox of mine! Anyway, you should all watch tonight, hopefully it portrays it well and shows the heart behind these amazing girls, whether they go through with it or not. Do any of you have any first hand experience with any of this or been near it at all? What are your opinions?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm a Rockin Blogger!

I have just received my first blogger award! My SIL and best friend Elizabeth (I am sure her nomination wasn't biased, lol), @ The Whole Family nominated me for a Rockin Blogger Award and I am ready to accept. Its funny, I think her motivation for my specific nomination was to get me to post more because I am kind of a slacker sometimes. Lets see if I can live up to my award. :)

Ok, So, I guess I am supposed to nominate 5 others but Elizabeth already nominated some of my favorites and I only have enough time in day to check a few so I am nominating less than the required amount. I hope I dont lose my award for that. lol. Anyway, here goes...

1) I have to give my first to my friend Kendrah, who blogs like No other! She keeps up several different blogs, holds down a job, coaches basketball AND has a social life! I discovered her through our mutual love and obsession for ALIAS and she is SO devoted that that ALIAS blog, one yr after the Series premier, is still going strong! That's Devotion and She rocks! I don't care if you don't like Alias, just go to read her stuff. :) Lets Talk Alias.

2)Jenny, The Bride Helper, is my second choice. She is a friend and a local wedding and event planner. She always has something insightful to say or something controversial, both work for me! (You would have been #1 if you would have gotten your nose peirced with me....J/

3)Jenn is another Alias junkie who I met through our mutual obsession but I have come to enjoy reading her blog as well, which is full of pictures of her Adorable daughter Rachel, and she ALWAYS has something posted that makes me laugh. Thanks Jenn..... Birdie Two Shoes

4)This last one goes to my friend Sarah who is just getting this because she finally caved and opened up a My Space and actually posted her first blog. I am just proud of her for making the effort to follow in our footsteps. LOL. Life is Good

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh, that Steven......

Ok, Its late and though I really should be in bed, because Jack has been throwing up all day and Asher has been less than an "independent" child, I am up to feed my Steven Colbert addiction. :) I like The Daily Show, but "The Colbert Report" is so inanely funny that I ALWAYS know that I can get a good 20 minutes of pure laughter out of it. Its like the release I need at the end of my days filled with crying, fighting, whining, poop, etc... , or in the middle of it for that matter. :)Ooooohhhh, its just So funny! Anyway, if anyone is interested in becoming a part of the Colbert Nation just click here, or at least do it to read the contract because its funny. :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tell me Yours....

So, all this talk of piercings, tattoos, etc has gotten me thinking of other peoples tattoo choices. I mean, since a tattoo is so permanent whatever people get is typically pretty special so I wonder what people have chosen to get and why or if you don't have one, what would you get if you were to get one? I have comedy/tragedy masks on my ankle which I wanted for 6 years before I actually got them and they are obviously representative of my love for theatre. I have had my tattoo for about 8 years and still love it! Does anyone have one that they wish that they didn't?
Tell me all about your tattoos! LOL! :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Vacation pictures

I told you that I would post some pictures from vacation and I am actually doing it. :) I am actually blogging three times in one week! Holy Cow, its like a record or something. lol! Check out Jacks first catch! How Cute, Ay?

In other news........I just overcame my fear and got my nose pierced. The thought of a needle going through my nose seemed too painful but my desire for a nose piercing become larger than my fear apparently and I just closed my eyes and did it. Its Super cute and I am SO glad that its over! :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sling Give-A-Way

Happy 4th of July!! Hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

I just thought i would let anyone interested know that My SIL is having a Solarveil Sling givaway on her blog. All you have to do is to click here and sign up in the drawing. She will be picking the winner in the morning. Good Luck!!! :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Back and Hopefully Better!

Well, I am now officially unemployed! For those of you who don't know, I gave my 2 weeks at the studio due to some childcare issues. Des, who was co-oping with me got another job so therefore making it not as beneficial to continue on with the studio. Although I LOVED it I really believe that this is best for my family. Jack was having a really hard time with e working and I couldn't seem to keep up with things here. Anyway, it feels nice to be able to concentrate on the the kids for the summer and I should be able to blog more. :)

We just got back from vacation in Michigan so there was a reason why I wasn't blogging (this time anyway). :) It was SO relaxing, I am always bummed to have to get back into the daily hubbub of reality. It makes me want to spend more time at our lake house, at least before it sells anyway.

OH, Jack had his first experience of being in a wedding 2 weeks ago and, Holy Crap, he was ADORABLE!!! Ryan & Lauren made good on their promise to have Jack in their wedding someday and I had a slight fear that he would freeze but he did an Incredible job!! He did everything exactly as he was instructed. The flower girl walked down with him and threw flower petals in peoples face. That was a trip! lol! He had a great time dancing the night away with the help of the Red 40 in his Shirley Temple. He was running around in circles on the dance floor like a dog chasing his tail. LOL They really should take that stuff off the market. :) He did eventually pass out on the floor while cuddling with Daniel, which explains the picture of the 2 laying on the floor. :). On another note, wasn't Lauren Beautiful!
OK, Enough rambling, I will post vacation pictures soon and hopefully I will blog more faithfully now that I have some time at home. I trust that you will all remind me if I should start to slack! LOL!