Monday, October 01, 2007


OK, Well here are the pictures that I promised. Well, sort of. My batteries ran out about 10 minutes after we got to the party so I only really have pics of the scenery. My friends have other pictures that I will post later. :)

So the party was SUPER fun! Amidst the fact that some people did not show up (who needs those people :) ) and unfortunately none of my extended family was there, we had a blast!!! I had no idea what the theme was and so when I was lead to the location and handed something that felt oddly like a wand I wondered what "why do I need a wand?" To my surprise I opened my eyes to see everyone in a masquerade mask while Phantom was playing in the background. It was very surreal! YAY, I had my own masquerade! :) The food was YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY the drinks were plenty and the dancing was the icing on the cake! Whats a good party without good dancing (Thanks Des, Sue W and Sarah K)! All in All it was an incredible evening and I am Sooooooooo thankful to all of you who put so much effort into making it special! So, to my fabulous hubby, and tremendous friends, Des, Sarah, and Liz, I want you all to know that I am Soooo truly blessed to have you in my life and you have made my heart full! I Love you All!
I truly wish that all of you could have been there, maybe at my 40th. :)


Elizabeth F. said...

the pics are so good. And the sunset behind the pic of the table is soo beautiful! I wish I could have been there. Were any of Daniel's family there? Des, Sara and Liz did such a good job decorating and party planning! Wow.

Mrs. Sara said...

Dan and I wanted to be there, but we were told the wrong day! Perhaps if I get an invitation next time... ;)

Sarafu said...

Sorry about the glitch with the invite. :( Sarah and Des tried to get them out to everyone but there naturally there were a few oversights. WHat day were you told? Did you get my email?
Yes, Elizabeth, Daniels family was able to come so that was nice. :) I wish that you could have been there but I know that you tried and, in this specific situation, its the thought that counts. :)

Jenny W said...

sarafu! i'm so glad it went well! i had a wedding to go to, AS A GUEST, which never happens! it was my cousin so, you know, the family thing. and i had to decorate the church that morning for the leader meeting that night (which, i'm sure, some people skipped to party with you instead hee-hee) definitely want to see more pics! and we need to go out!