Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blah,blah, blah...

I have some fun news to share! I will be starting my first day at work tomorrow. :O A few weeks ago as Desiree and I were getting our sons pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids we were offered a job by the manager. It was somewhat flippant but she gave us applications as we left. The more we talked about it the more doable it sounded. The clincher was being able to co-op with the kids if we had to work during the day. One of us could watch the kids when the other worked. Plus, they train you in photography and how fun is that? :) So we decided to put our apps in and leave it up to God. Well our interview was Tuesday and we start training tomorrow. Yay! I'll let you know how it goes but so far I am excited. I have moments of being overwhelmed because I remember how difficult it is to work and do everything else that is involved in being a mom. But, I feel like God laid this in our laps and so I am going to trust that our family will all work together to make it a bit easier.
On a Whole different level, Des and I went to see "Catch and Release" last night and it seeing Jen onscreen again was So fun! I know, I'm a dork but I really love my Stars and Jennifer is just so refreshing to watch! :) Anyway, it was a Great movie and you should ALL see it! Also, since we're on the subject, I just have to rave about Greys Anatomy! Any of you who don't watch it are missing out because....., well......, just because its one of the best shows on TV! ( I am sure all of you are going to watch it simply because of that review :) )The writers know how to make me cry every stinkin episode. Ughh, the issues they bring up always hit so close to home. It seems kinda therapeutic. LOL :)
Oh, went to IKEA today and LOVED it! I think ALL stores should have child care while you shop. Why hasn't that caught on??? :) Anyway, It really was fun, the food was great, super cheap and they even had children's tables, plates, etc.... They had everything you could imagine and it was just overall a fun shopping experience. Its like a one stop shop for decorating and furnishing a house. Have any of you ever been there?

Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm not crazy....

So, I watched an incredible Dr Phil the other day. He had All the Sears Drs on to answer moms and dads parenting questions. It was So nice to hear Dr Phil call them the Gold standard on child rearing advice. I mean, I already knew that but now everyone elses who watches knows. :) Anyway, I was talking to my sil(sister n law) yesterday and she was remarking about how she had read on someones elses blog that they were glad that they didn't bring up attachment parenting at all because it comes with such a negative stigma. Now, this is where I get confused. I notice when I talk to alot of people (friends and strangers) about Sears or AP they look at me like I am some crazy hippie who doesn't know what I am talking about, or they just tune me out because they think its extreme. What I am wondering is why this whole Sears and AP style parenting comes with such a negative stigma? Whats funny is that alot of the same people who tune me out are those people who probably, without knowing it, are attachment parenters. But because no one listens they wouldn't know that. Attachment parenting is just about listening to your childs needs and responding to them. Obviously, there is more involved but that is what I feel it is in a nutshell. I was asking Des yesterday what she thought made people tune out or whatever and the only think she could think of was the fact that I go to La Leche League and some may have a misconception about the people there. So, then you have the stigma to LLL. I guess since I think its important to nurse my child and I need a chance to socialize with other moms a couple times a month then I am a hippie who lets my kid run my life. OK, that may be extreme but I'm venting! :) That's another thing, people think its odd that I am so passionate about certain parenting things and breastfeeding. Shouldn't you be passionate about things that you feel are good for your children? If you really believe in something don't you want to share it? Isn't that what we do with our faith, why not with other things we believe. How are we going to educate people about this stuff if just sit around with our hands folded on our laps. I am SO glad that people were willing to educate me so that I could make an educated decision about what to do with my own children. Anyway, I just wonder what people really think when they hear Dr Sears or attachment parenting and if anyone has any other insight into this. Sorry if I am being repetitive or rambling but this post took about 2 hours to write this morning because with my kids its hard to just sit down and do something uninterrupted. I got it done though! :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Public Apology

I wanted to make a public apology to someone that was offended by one of my postings. I know we offend people sometimes by our views and opinions but my wording and something specific was hurtful and was brought to my attention this evening so I thought I would let her know that I was sorry. What better way to do it then here, where the offense took place.
I few weeks ago we were discussing Public vs Private schools and I made a comment about how my sister n law felt about them. It was brought to my attention that I was misrepresenting what she felt and what I said was hurtful to her. SO, since I am not a fan of hurting peoples feelings and like for any unrest to be resolved I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart! I also would like to amend what I said about her feelings on private schools. She does not think that they should all be shut down but simply prefers that her children go to a public school. I knew that she was passionate about that and was not accurate in what I thought her feelings toward private schools were. Again, Missy, I am very sorry!
Isn't it great to have the opportunity to humble myself in front of friends, family and God and I don't even have to leave my couch! :) Thank goodness for blogs and laptops! LOL
Missy, I hope that you read this and know that I truly am sorry and that you are family and that you are loved and accepted.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I dont have much to blog about but I figured I would just because I had a few minutes. I had to put up Ashers 1 yr pics just becasue I think hes cute! :) I am a little biased.

On a totally random thought, Jennifers new movie comes out on the 26th! YAY! Its a girls night out to see "Catch and Release". Whos in?

Yah, I dont have anything else to say really so this is officially the most pointless post as of yet. Well, with the exception of my adorable 1 yr old. :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

Welcome to 2007! I hope that everyone had a Great New Years and that everyone is looking forward to 07. I am recouping from our new years bash. Des and I threw a a party here at our house and it was a blast!!! John and Elizabeth were here visiting which made my new year complete! We had about 15 or so people over and we broke in Daniels new Karaoke system. I cant even tell you how much fun we had, or at least I had! I will have to put on a clip pf all of us chicks singing! We danced a little, drank a little (or a lot), sang a little and hung out. There were some people upstairs watching the History channel or on! HaHaHa! As long as everyone was having fun. :) Anyway, it was by far my best New Years to date.....until next year! :)
Sara, girl, we still have to sing "Downtown" and Des, I still want to see you do "Walk like an Egyptian". Anyway, I hope that everyone is recovered and back up and running for work today! Did anyone else do anything special?