Saturday, June 28, 2008

Alright, Alright!!!

I know, I know........I just can't keep up! School has kept me insanely busy so I really do have an actual valid excuse for not blogging this time. :) My semester ended on Wednesday so I am done until after the baby is born. I will start up again in September God willing. The first semester went well and though it was very time consuming I am glad that I put the effort into it. I am sure I will come out of it with and A as long as my final paper gets a decent grade because up until that I had a 97 I think., thats how that is. :) My semester ended on Wednesday and my computer broke on Tuesday. YAY Me! I had to do my last paper on a friends laptop but now am without mine for a bit. Thank God it was only a day before my class ending. :)

As far as the pregnancy goes....well.....its still going. Lol! I have about 3 weeks left and though that may sound good to anyone else it still seems like an eternity to me. :) Plus who knows, I could go way late making it longer. Grrr... :) I am still feeling nauseated allot, can only eat certain foods and now I getting to the point that its very difficult to sleep because everything hurts. :) Dont you all just want to jump up and get pregnant! LMAO! On the upside the baby stills moves a ton and it is SOOOO much fun to sit and watch my belly. Its totally crazy and is not even close to how my first two moved. They were so mellow and this one is a dancer or something. :) It really does make it worth it! :) We finally have the nursery painted and the furniture that is in there painted. Now all we need is the Amby baby and to find out if its a boy or a girl so that we can get the appropriate color accents. lol! :) We'll have to wait for that obviously! :) I am going to try to go and register this week sometime at Target and figured I would register for both boy and girl stuff and once the baby is born I will have Des go and delete all of the other genders stuff.

Wow, for someone who can't find time to blog I sure am long winded! LOL! :) I am sure there is more to tell but can't seem to think of more right now. :) Hopefully this is enough of an update for now. :)