Monday, December 22, 2008

Ok, Ok! I get it! You want me to blog!!!! So here I am.......and of course I must post some pictures. Not like you cant see them on facebook (which is where I have been spending my free time, lol) but in case you havent seen them :)  
Eden was dedicated at church yesterday and there is just something about dresses and little girls! I had sooo much fun dressing her up. I mean, my boys were fun to dress but its totally different with Eden. I never put my boys in frilly dresses, of course, so I guess thats the difference. :) 
I have spent my last week Super crazy busy and now the next few days before Christmas are totally open. I think I might actually get bored. Everyone is off visiting family or busy getting ready for Christmas. I'm all done with my shopping and wrapping (well mostly) and my house is in order (as much as it can be with 3 children) so now what do I do?? C'mon Wednesday.....hurry up!!!
I'll spend my time trying to think of something interesting to blog about........until then.....   :)