Monday, April 30, 2007

I know, I know, I haven't been much of a blogger lately. I actually have somewhat of a valid excuse this time. I have been down and out with the flu for the past 2 weeks. Who knew that influenza was such a big ordeal? I think I am finally getting back to functioning at 100% though. We went to the lakehouse this weekend and it was SOOO Realaxing! Exactly what we all needed! I am sure that I have got something more intersting and contraversial to talk about but I am going to have to think about it and post in a few hours. Let me get my my controversial juices flowing. :) I will post in a little bit. Maybe I will post some pictures. :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Dont point your finger at CRAZYPeople!"

Girl Interupted has got such a plethera of great lines to chooses from when speaking about crazy people. If you havent seen it then go RIGHT NOW and rent it! Go....seriously, right now!!! ANyway, I was trying to help someone the other day with a dilema concerning a friend and she was talking about how she couldnt talk sense to her because she ONLY understood her own perspective and refused to listen to anyone elses. Then I started thinking about all the times that I have come into contact with people like this who I spend my time trying to resolve things with them on a rational level and we just end up where we started. The title line went through my head and I realized that, maybe, there is no point in trying to rationalize with an irrational person. You cant expect logic and reason from a person who doesnt function on that level. So, my question is this...What do you do with these situations? Do they get a free pass and are allowed to act and speak as they please because no one wants to deal with their irrational behavior or do we address it? And if we address it, how the heck do you do it??