Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm a Rockin Blogger!

I have just received my first blogger award! My SIL and best friend Elizabeth (I am sure her nomination wasn't biased, lol), @ The Whole Family nominated me for a Rockin Blogger Award and I am ready to accept. Its funny, I think her motivation for my specific nomination was to get me to post more because I am kind of a slacker sometimes. Lets see if I can live up to my award. :)

Ok, So, I guess I am supposed to nominate 5 others but Elizabeth already nominated some of my favorites and I only have enough time in day to check a few so I am nominating less than the required amount. I hope I dont lose my award for that. lol. Anyway, here goes...

1) I have to give my first to my friend Kendrah, who blogs like No other! She keeps up several different blogs, holds down a job, coaches basketball AND has a social life! I discovered her through our mutual love and obsession for ALIAS and she is SO devoted that that ALIAS blog, one yr after the Series premier, is still going strong! That's Devotion and She rocks! I don't care if you don't like Alias, just go to read her stuff. :) Lets Talk Alias.

2)Jenny, The Bride Helper, is my second choice. She is a friend and a local wedding and event planner. She always has something insightful to say or something controversial, both work for me! (You would have been #1 if you would have gotten your nose peirced with me....J/

3)Jenn is another Alias junkie who I met through our mutual obsession but I have come to enjoy reading her blog as well, which is full of pictures of her Adorable daughter Rachel, and she ALWAYS has something posted that makes me laugh. Thanks Jenn..... Birdie Two Shoes

4)This last one goes to my friend Sarah who is just getting this because she finally caved and opened up a My Space and actually posted her first blog. I am just proud of her for making the effort to follow in our footsteps. LOL. Life is Good


Jenny W said...

Sa-weet! Thanks Sarafu:)

Girlscout said...

WOW!! I'm number 1!!! Sweet!!! Thanks a bunch Sara! This is why I love blogging, meeting new people, sharing interests and having fun.

Now I gotta go- gotta couple blogs to work on- not to mention Elizabeth's new banner, and Birdie's new banner and a couple other banners.

Girlscout said...

I love your new blog title!! Let's see if I can't create the perfect banner to go with it!!

Sarafu said...

Yay! I was trying to figure out how to weezle my way in the list of "Banners under Construction" but now that you offer I dont have to do that. lol, :)
I'm looking forward to seeing your creativity explode on my banner!