Sunday, July 01, 2007

Back and Hopefully Better!

Well, I am now officially unemployed! For those of you who don't know, I gave my 2 weeks at the studio due to some childcare issues. Des, who was co-oping with me got another job so therefore making it not as beneficial to continue on with the studio. Although I LOVED it I really believe that this is best for my family. Jack was having a really hard time with e working and I couldn't seem to keep up with things here. Anyway, it feels nice to be able to concentrate on the the kids for the summer and I should be able to blog more. :)

We just got back from vacation in Michigan so there was a reason why I wasn't blogging (this time anyway). :) It was SO relaxing, I am always bummed to have to get back into the daily hubbub of reality. It makes me want to spend more time at our lake house, at least before it sells anyway.

OH, Jack had his first experience of being in a wedding 2 weeks ago and, Holy Crap, he was ADORABLE!!! Ryan & Lauren made good on their promise to have Jack in their wedding someday and I had a slight fear that he would freeze but he did an Incredible job!! He did everything exactly as he was instructed. The flower girl walked down with him and threw flower petals in peoples face. That was a trip! lol! He had a great time dancing the night away with the help of the Red 40 in his Shirley Temple. He was running around in circles on the dance floor like a dog chasing his tail. LOL They really should take that stuff off the market. :) He did eventually pass out on the floor while cuddling with Daniel, which explains the picture of the 2 laying on the floor. :). On another note, wasn't Lauren Beautiful!
OK, Enough rambling, I will post vacation pictures soon and hopefully I will blog more faithfully now that I have some time at home. I trust that you will all remind me if I should start to slack! LOL!


Elizabeth F. said...

OMG-Jack is adorable! I think his hair is longer than Zoe's LOL! but it really does look good on him. It makes him look like "Jack." I can't imagine him with short hair.

I'm so glad that you had a good vacation and got so relaxed. And now I'm glad that you're back cause I've missed talking to you!

Liz said...

Nice to have you back! I love the wedding pictures! Do you have any of you and Daniel?

Sarafu said...

Yes, We do have some of the 2 of us but they are on someones elses camera so I will have to get them. :)
Yah, Elizabeth I feel like I havent talked to you in FOREVER! I miss it too!