Monday, February 19, 2007

Holy Cuteness!!!!!

I know I am a little of a picture-aholic but how can you not be with cuteness like this staring at you all the time!
Ughhh....its just SO cute! I went in to get my free 8x10 at Picture People because I needed a close up for Jacks room but they were rude and wouldnt take me so I ended up going down to work and having Des take his pictures so that she could get some practice. Now, How fabulous are theses pictures?!?! Good job Des!


Mrs. Sara said...

He's a dapper young fella!

Jenny W said...

i see a sweet little boy like that and think how much his girlfriend will someday LOVE those pictures

Elizabeth F. said...

So cute! Des really did do a great job. Ughhh..I wish I were there, we realy need pics taken!

Love the top hat and cane, but the close up is adorable too.