Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ok, Ok! I had to post about Sarah Palin! How can I not!? I mean she is on the ticket for Vice President!!! I dont care what side of the fence your on, you gotta admit its cool to have a lady with 5 kids as the VP nominee. Alright, some people may not think so but Oh well! :) I am in love with these pictures with her son in a sling while she signs a bill. lol. Think what you will about her stance on things but I am energized just watching her. :) Maybe its because I can relate to her as a woman. I mean, Hillary is a woman, but not one that I can relate to, thank God. Lol! :) Anyway...... Oh, and on a totally surface level.....I Love her hair!!!! I want hair like that!
This is a late night post and really was just spurred on by watching the convention all night so I really dont have a ton to say because I'm sleepy. :) Nothing too insightful to say. :)


Jenny W said...

I. Love. ummm...the idea of her? Yeah that's a safe way to say it. When I heard he picked a woman I thought it was awesome and was prepared to really fall for her. I didn't. In fact I watched her speech and was so disappointed to hear the same old words like "competition" and "victory" and "show the world America's the best." The rest of the world hates us because of jargon like this, and THAT'S what I'm afraid of. You don't make allies by competing with them. By being the bully and the policeman all the time. So I admire her for being confident, and strong enough to play with the big boys. Absolutely. That's why I was so sad to listen to her speech and realize I disagreed with everything that came out of her mouth. That's not a statement against her; it's a statement about how hard it is for me to be in the minority: absolutely a Christian, and absolutely not a Republican.

Jenny W said...

p.s. I do love her hair:)

Anonymous said...


Very well said. You captured my feelings completely. Thank you. I think I could be a frind with Sarah Palin (since I also have a very sharp cutting personallity) but I don't think she has what it takes to be VP. In fact I think she has acomplishments that she got from being a bully not a leader. There is a difference. I was always a supporter of John McCains but he is not the same person he was 8 year ago - plus he is really really OLD!!!! Iam very excited about Obama -he is leader and right now our country needs to be healed.

Sarafu said...

LOL! Ok, who didnt sign their name???? LOL! :)

I,ve got my own opinions and I'm not going to share cause I dont have the strength to argue with anyone after spending my days nursing Eden and listening to Asher throw fits ALL day! Grrr. :) Plus I really like both candidates. Though I do have my favorite. :) It all boils down to the fact that we all pick policies and issues that are important to us to make our decision and hopefully we also consider the character of the person as well. As far as Sarah being a bully rather than a leader, I gotta say I would see that more in Hillary but, that is coming from someone who is REALLY NOT A FAN of her so my opinion is very biased. :)

Elizabeth F. said...

I love the sling pics! I saw in People magazine that she breastfeeds as well and pumps for when she is away. She said that she even nurses while she is on conference calls and no one even knows it. LOL!

Even though I don't agree with everything she does, I can totally relate to her as a woman and mother. I have always believed that mothers belong with their children and not away at work, so I have a hard time believing that women can really have it all...being a VP and a good mom, etc... Both of those jobs are so huge that I cannot even imagine taking both of those on.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I forgot to sign my name yesterday! As far as Hillary, as you know I was not a supporter but it wasn't because she couldn't do a GREAT job it is I feel Obama will bring people togethr and that is what after our country needs. Everything I have heard Hillary is well respected by all the Senators. She works in the background to get stuff done. Anyway, I am so afraid of John McCain and the thought of continuning the Bush's administration focus in the world not to mention our economy problems.

Your step-mommy

Sarafu said...

Thanks for signing your name :)) I just thought it was funny for a sec that someone wrote their opinion but not their name. :) Like I said, my view of Hillary is just my own feelings about women in general who (imo)dont embrace any part of being a woman. There are some distinct differences between men and women and some dont appreciatte them as they should. That may make no sense to anyone else but I know what I'm trying to say. lmao!!! My brain is not working on all cylinders right now. lol :) Again,all of this, just my personal opinion. :)

CMon guys..... Only Jenny likes he hair?? Wait a minute've got great hair!! I want your hair to! :)

Amy said...

Her stance on the environment is what scares me. She doesn't feel that global warming is caused by human carelessness. She is pro Ariel hunting..This is where you can hunt and shoot game from a helicopter. Now, that is just not fair, and I'm by no way anti-hunting. She doesn't think polar bears should be on the endangered list..Why not? She also is for removing certain endangered species of wolf so they can be hunted even if it's to extinction. Yes, they are for nuclear power, which is great, but in the short time drilling on our shores?? It won't even change the price of gas immediately and when it does it will be about 10 cents a gallon. That's just not worth having to see offshore drills (yes you would see it from the beach) and risking our land..lets keep using theres. She has done what she was brought on to do, which is fire up the base. My question is..Why are they refusing to do any interviews? What are they hiding? To potentially be one heart beat away from president, I want to know what she has to say when asked some tough questions.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, if we could just get Amy's post in the hands of the great El Rush-bo.
I'm not pulled terribly one way or the other, but Amy....huh?
10 cents a gallon savings?
Interviews that Opera won't do?
And I'm not anti-PETA or anything, but now we're mixing animal cruelty (which I'm against, by the way) with our economy? Sorry, but I'll sacrifice a few wolves to turn things around. (said with much respect to the wolves)
And not to beat a dead horse, (which PETA would be against) but 10 cents a gallon??? Did this come from CNN, or the BBC?
10 cents a gallon?
10 cents?
Someone needs to get this info into the hands of ALL of those in favor of the off-shore drilling. Because for 10's just not worth it.
err, yeah it is. Cuz it'll be WAYYYY more than 10 cents.

btw, I don't know anyone on this blog. I just found this through a friend of a friends blog.

Mrs. Sara said...

I'm not great at understanding the fiscal issues behind what's going to be the best energy solution for our country, but if I may, I'd like to refer you to my brother in law's blog, where he does a pretty good job of putting it into plain language that even I can understand! Specifically, questions number 9, 5, 4, and 3 on his blog address the concerns you stated here.

Regarding being able to see oil rigs from the beach, that might be true, but keeping in mind the area we're talking about drilling, which at this point is only off the coast of ANWR, the terrain on shore looks like this:
Hardly a beach paradise. And frankly, I think that ensuring our national security by NOT sending 700 billion dollars each year overseas, some of that to countries who have actually attacked us, is worth possibly marring the view from the "beach" at ANWR. It would only be the caribou whose view would be obstructed, anyway, and I doubt they care. In case you're worried that there might be a spill that would threaten the coastline, keep in mind that in the Gulf of Mexico, we have over 200 oil rigs, and we've never had an environmental incident out there, even through multiple hurricanes and tropical storms, including hurricane Katrina. In fact, many studies have shown that oil rigs are actually good for the environment, decreasing the amount of oil that leeches into the water and providing an artificial reef for coral, fish, and other sea life in which to live.

As far as the environmental issues go, I'll have to look more into this hunting issue you discuss, as I've never heard of it, and I'll have to look more into her stance on polar bears, too. But there are many competent and reputable scientists that actually don't believe that global warming has to do with human error, but is merely part of the natural highs and lows that our planet goes through regularly. In the 1970's, we had a "global cooling" scare that had people all worked up that we might go into another ice age. Since we only have actual records of shifts in earth's temperatures for the last 100 years, I think it's safe to say that we don't have nearly enough information to establish that this period of "warming" is anything other than a natural shift that'll correct itself in the next 100 years.

As far as the idea of Sarah Palin "hiding" from the press, the Republican party has come out and said that they're using this time to bring her up to speed on exactly what McCain's policies are, as she'll have to answer for them very soon when she DOES have to start interviews and debates. The Democrats are doing the exact same thing with Joe Biden, which is why you also haven't seen him do any interviews regarding official Presidential policy.

Thanks for reading!
Sara Carter

Mrs. Sara said...

Sorry, I forgot to put the link to my brother in law's blog:

Oh, and for the record, I LOVE Sarah Palin's hair! :)

Elizabeth F. said...

I love Palin's hair too, btw... I also think the Republican ticket should be Palin/McCain instead of McCain/Palin, cause that's what it's turning into anyway. LOL!

Mrs. Sara...I agree with you that whether it's $.10/gallon or higher, doesn't matter...the US needs to be "ensuring our national security by NOT sending 700 billion dollars each year overseas, some of that to countries who have actually attacked us, is worth possibly marring the view from the "beach" at ANWR." We need to get the control back!

And I truly love animals, but if we are going to talk about Palin's opinions about wildlife and hunting, etc... Why aren't we talking about what disturbs many people more which is Obama's position on Abortion. I love Obama, but whole-heartedly disagree with his position on this issue. Voted NO to making partial birth abortion illegal in the late months of pregnancy(Oct2007)...Huh? So, we care about freakin' Polar Bears and Wolves and not Humans now?? Give me a break!

Btw, Obama smokes about that for an environmental issue? LOL!

Elizabeth F. said...

P.S. When I said..."whether it's $.10/gallon or higher, doesn't matter.." that meant if we only saved $.10/gallon or more/less, it didn't matter. We don't need to be depending on other countries who don't like us for our oil. Right?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't really want to get into this conversation because obviously there are a great deal of difference in opinions. BUT as far as the so called bill on "partial birth aborition" according to the senate web site the vote was held in 2003 and Obama was not in the US senate at that time. Below is the info from the US Senate web site.

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 108th Congress - 1st Session

as compiled through Senate LIS by the Senate Bill Clerk under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate

Vote Summary

Question: On Passage of the Bill (S. 3 As Amended )
Vote Number: 51 Vote Date: March 13, 2003, 09:45 AM
Required For Majority: 1/2 Vote Result: Bill Passed
Measure Number: S. 3
Measure Title: A bill to prohibit the procedure commonly known as partial-birth abortion.

As far as smoking goes I heard Obama did smoke and his wife told him he had to stop if he was running for President. I don't know if he has or not - since running for presidet is very stressful. I know many of us have bad habits and probally shouldn't through stones at others in areas such as this. I know I have seen Pregnet and Nursing Moms smoke and I have thought it was wrong but did not say anything to them.

I like to stick to the issues and facts I know and have lived the last several years in a very strange time and I am so afraid of John McCain gettig us into additional wars that we dn't need to be in. And for those ofyou that don't know my son did fight in Iraq and Afghanistan and I worried everyday he was there. Now he has PTSD and is not getting help from our government so you tell me you want four more years of the same old thing.

Plus, I am a woman that belives women can do anything they want and have the right to do that. And coming from someone that worked in a very high-stressed job (not nearly like a VP of the US) but I know NOW I wasn't able to give my all to my family. But again we need to get back to the issues not feelings!!!

If anyone is interesed in the issue on oil and to see the real facts you need to go to the US government web site under the Energy Informaion Administration. You will find that 79% of the oil is located in areas that are currently open for leasing and 62% of that is not be drilled. So don't tell me we have to open up ANWAR or the coast for drilling if we have that much resources all ready open for drilling. Plus it will be 20 years after opening ANWR before oil production reached its peak of only 780,000 barrels per day. Production at that level would start to drop within a short time. Also if you really want to do something you should go out to T. Boone Pickens site for info that is not based on any political base. btw- he stated he liked Obama's plan I have not heard his statement on McCain yet.

Yes! my blood pressure is up today. LOL


Dan said...


I am sorry to hear about your son but an glad that he is home safe and am thankful for his service. PTSD is a very difficult disorder and I hope you have luck finding treatment. If you are interested, look into counselors in the area that are trained in EMDR. It is a new treatment for PTSD that has done wonders for many patients (mostly Vietnam veterans).
As far as the issues go, the big issues I have with Obama in regards to the life is that he stopped a bill in the state senate that would protect babies born alive from abortions, even though the bill specifically said that it could not be used to undermine Roe v. Wade. When some pro-life groups pointed this out recently he called them liars until they pulled out transcripts from the sessions where he did so, then suddenly he couldn't remember. This is beyond partial birth abortion, this is infanticide. It reminds me a lot of the Roman and Greek practice of leaving a child to die of exposure if they did not meet the father's standard (a practice the early church adamantly opposed). Sara can post some references if you are interested.
In regards to oil, it is true that there is a lot of land that is set aside for drilling but there are reasons that no one is drilling there. There is either no enough oil in particular areas to make it worth the expense or they simply can't because the land is unstable. Let's just look at this logically, if drilling companies had land that was easily accessible and had plenty of oil, why would they go out into an arctic tundra to drill? These companies are not stupid and their paychecks depend on it.
You need to look into the sources of your sources. The claim that oil would not be available from ANWR for 20 years is based on a report that assumed that bans on drilling would not start being lifted till 2012. We could lift all these bans today if we wanted and get oil pumping in a much shorter time. I could go on to and talk about how the market works and how that would lower costs now, but my brother did a much better job on his blog which I urge everyone to check out before buying to much into the misinformation out there.

It should be noted that T. Boone Pickens has supported drilling and thinks that it is a good way to temporarily lessen our dependence on foreign oil until we come up with alternatives. And what is the alternative he is supporting? Natural gas, which we get from drilling! Obama on the other hand supports Ethanol in his plan (among other things) which he wants to subsidize and will continue to raise our food prices and get us nowhere as far as energy is concerned.
Finally I don't see anyone mentioning the economy which is another big plus for McCain. Obama wants to raise taxes for businesses and raise including the capital gains tax in order to fund programs for the middle and lower class. This is an unbelievably dangerous thing to do. In an age where a company can easily pick up and relocate to greener pastures in India, China, or any number of other countries, Obama is suggesting economic suicide by making it way more expensive to operate in the United States. His whole idea of building up the country from the "bottom up" is nothing more than slight of hand. His plan is basically trickle down economics at the barrel of the gun. His plan is still dependent on the upper class to provide money for the lower class, but rather than doing it through increased jobs and money flowing through commerce, he is shaking down the rich through taxes and showing open disdain for them.

These are just a handful of the reasons I am a McCain/Palin supporter. And I like Gov. Palin's hair too ;P

Sarafu said...

Here is a You tube link to the info about Induced labor abortion. I couldnt watch the whole thing as the subject is much too sensitive for me. I think the parenting method of letting newborns "cry it out" and baby training is cruel so my stance on abortion is pretty clear. :)

Jenny W said...

again my sister and her backyard are my closest frame of reference, but when you have a natural gas pipeline in your backyard and have to sign papers along with your mortgage that you understand this pipeline belongs to the US Gov and may have to be tapped someday, the question has to be asked: WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?! i don't have to go to ANWAR i can apparently go to kouts if only some politician would agree that our current economic status constitutes an "emergency."

Dan said...

We're waiting for more cars that run on natural gas (which have been available for decades, go figure). That's what makes natural gas so promising, we already have the technology, we already have the pipelines everywhere (including your back yard), and we have tons of it. The transition will be a bit difficult though since it will basically mean that the vast majority of cars on the road will either have to be converted (which is expensive) or become obsolete. But there is no way to avoid that. Unless of course we take a really long straw, tap it into the Saudi oil fields and DRINK THEIR MILKSHAKE! I DRINK IT UP!

Mrs. Sara said...

Sigh. Leave it to Dan to quote Daniel Day Lewis and make his serious comment completely ridiculous. ;)

Anonymous said...

I've just glanced over all of these posts, and just to set the record straight, and posts by "Dan" is not me. I'm not saying that I disagree with what he posts, just that he is not me.
It's caused confusion in the past. Thank you for your time, and good night.

Jenny W said...

regardless of her opinions or views, i have to say this: i love the fact that she looks so much like tina fey. poor sarah, her great hair and cute glasses naturally allow SNL skits to be written in her honor...for better or worse:)

Sarafu said...

LOL! I know, Right! Did you hear that she dressed up like Tina Fey last year for halloween! LMAO!

Sarafu said...

OMG! I just watched the SNL skit again and its SOOO Freaking funny!!!! I needed a good laugh this morning! :) Both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are Too Good!

joana fodorean ahn said...

yes, sarah palin is cool. where can i get me a sling like that?

Mrs. Sara said...

My sister in law, Alli, just started making slings, and she's making me one for my baby shower! It's so pretty... we picked out an awesome blue and green striped fabric. Squeal!