Thursday, April 06, 2006

The fear of the unknown

So, 2 children continues to keep me on my feet and it is also bringing new changes in my life. I will be entering the wold that works ALOT but doesnt get paid. Otherwise known as the Stay at home mom!!! I just put my 2 weeks noice in at the bank after working there for 7 years. Its been a place I never really wanted to leave but circumstances are telling me that its time. I know that its God because never before have I been ok with the thought. I am sure I will get into something to make some supplemental income just for my own sanity but it will be something I can pace myself at and do on my own. Pray for my sanity in dealing with being at home with my kids full time!! :) At least I have enough friends to keep me busy socially which is a Must for me!
On another note, i just finished 2 books that were Excellent! "The Book Theif" is a historical fiction about a foster girl in Nazi Germany during World war 2. If your looking for a book to read, pick it up! The other was "The Giver", much shorter and good story!


Desiree said...

I am proud of you Bunny! I think that this shows incredible growth and maturity in your life. You will do great. You are a great mom. Anytime you need to get out of the house you are welcome at my house. You go girl!!

Liz said...

I cannot wait to join you in the world of stay-at-home moms! We will have to hang out while our husbands are at work next year! Once my baby gets bigger, he and Asher can play together! YEA! I am so excited! I definitely think you made the right choice.

Miss Sara said...

Good for you, Fu! I know that was probably a difficult choice for you to make... but it'll be so great for you both and the babies.

You rock! Way to go!