Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Pictures

I cant help it, I Love pictures and I love my kids so you guys have to deal with the reprocutions of that! :) But, Isnt Asher adorable? It took him all of 5 min to get his pictures taken. It has always taken about 45 minutes to get 3 pictures out of Jack. One of their many differences!

OH, We are getting our new car today! WooHooo!!! Our Lease is up and so we are going from one Oddesey to another. I looked at the Quest and some SUVs but when it comes down to it, as much as I would like to be "cool" and drive around in an SUV its just not practical. Plus, after having an Oddessey, there is just nothing better, imo. Really, I'm destined to have a mini van because I spent years saying I would NEVER have one. Someday I will learn, Never say Never! :)


Kiki said...

What a pumpkin!! Again, I want to pinch cheeks!! So cute Sara!

Desiree said...

He is too pretty! I love the one of Asher on his back. Totally classic!

Elizabeth F. said...

Oh my! The fishing picture reminds me of the one of Jack and Xander. He totally remind sme of JAck there. So, cute!! and chubby I might add!! :)