Friday, December 22, 2006

My Baby is One!!!

Can you beleive it? Asher is one now. His birthday was actually December 7th so sorry for the delay in the post but we were on a roll talking about breastfeeding, vaccinations, etc... :). Anyway, he is So super cute it just makes me want to pee my pants. He is full on walking now. It took him a bit longer than Jack but he is So different from Jack in every other aspect too. He is so adorable toddling around the house. He gets excited and tries to go fast and then totally takes a spill. But he is resiliant and gets right back up and trudges on. :)
I cant wait for Christmas! Jack is going to be SO fun this year now that he fully can grasp what is going on and Asher will actually be able to play with his toys. Of course now, I am going to have to deal with the whole sharing thing. FUN!! Since we have had Asher Jack has all of the sudden taken an interest in baby toys. Sibling rivalry!
Oh, Jack is in his first Christmas program at church on Sunday! I am so excited and you can be sure that I will post some pictures! YAY!! Ok, enough of my ramblings. Thanks for listening!


birdietwoshoes said...

Super cute! Your boys are so cute. I got your Christmas card yesterday and the picture is really really cute!

Was it you, Sarafu, who scored higher on my quiz than Nathan? :) (I have another friend named Sara, so I'm just wondering.)

Kiki said...

Oh my goodness! Look at that little guy! I just want to eat him up! I love it! Happy birthday dude! I remember when you were born! Isn't that weird to think? You were still preggo Sara when I met you! Crazy!

So, today at work is a raffle for 2 airline tickets to anywhere in the country. If I win, I am coming to Indiana!

Elizabeth F. said...

so super cute! That's MY nephew people!!! Love that hat! Whoever picked it out has great taste...LOL!

Proud Auntie "E"

jenny said...

let me just say i had the priviledge of havind asher fall asleep on me last week, while totally sitting up and holding his head up in mid-air. cutest thing ever! since i don't have boys i have to borrow other people's:)

Sarafu said...

First, No Birdie that wasnt me who scored higher than Nathan. It must have been the otehr Sara. Des and I took the test together and we failed MISERABLY! Sorry! It just means that we need to hang out more next year! :)
Second, Hey, Kendrah, I need you snail mail becasue I still have your Christmas card sitting on my counter waiting to be sent out but it has no address. I keep forgetting to ask. Doh! I cant beleive that it has been over a year since we have all been blogger buddies. So Bizarre! All because of our beloved ALIAS! Awww....sniff, sniff. Oh, and I SO hope that you get those tickets!! A free trip to Indiana! Des and I are ready whenever you are!

Yes, the hat is stinkin cute and it was given by my boys favorite Auntie E! Your So creative! I never would have thought to put a birthday hat on top of a present! Of course, now I am going to use that. :)
Hey, have I mentioned how Adorable this little boy is??