Friday, December 24, 2004

On the brighter side of things

I know I gave a whole lot of depressing info a few minutes ago but I thought I would share a little good info to counter that. My brother Levi and his family flew up here almost 2 months ago to be with my mom and say goodbye, little did we know he would be here for this long. Anyway, if you have read my blog at all you know the frustration I was feeling about his new found beliefs. Its been Really good having them here for more than just one reason. One, its just good to spend time with him, I forgot how much I missed him. We also have had several talks about our values and beliefs and it turns out we don't really differ that much. He has a different way of expressing what he believes but when it comes down to it we are on the same page. Now, politically we still don't agree but, whatever, I can deal with that! Its gotta make him feel bad that his little sister is right though! HAHA! :)
So in the midst of all of this crap with my mom God has given the small gift of having my oldest brother back for a little while. I am afraid that I am getting a little spoiled though and its going to make it even harder when they eventually have to leave. Its nice to have all the siblings, spouses and kids together for once!!! I guess there are some bright points that have come out of the last 2 months. Thank God for that!!

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