Monday, December 27, 2004

Ahhhh....The Holidays

Well, Christmas is over and I am now waiting for the new year. I certainly hope that 2005 has a better year in store for me than 2004.
My Christmas seemed to be a roller coaster. I had So much fun watching Jack open his gifts and get all excited over things like.....tissue paper, :) and being able to share Christmas morning with Levi, Beth and Cedar was Great too! Its something I really treasured under the circumstances. I was able to see Daniels family and spend some one on one time with Randy and Missy an I really enjoyed all of that. Christmas morning has such a rush about it and its even better having a child to watch, Of Course I think I get just a big of a rush watching Daniel open things too, but all of the sudden when things died down a bit the reality of "Life" hit me and it made me really emotional! There were times during the day that one minute I would be fine and the next I would literally have to clench my jaw to fight back tears. It just Sucks that its Christmas and its probably the last one I will have with my mom and she is laying up in a hospital bed in pain and not really able communicate much. I got to see her for a total of an hour and it all around just Sucks! Anyway, I'm just venting, Sorry! So all that to say that this Christmas was good but had an underlying sadness and frustration about it. I pray that next year things aren't quite so heavy.
I need a Vacation!!!! Anyone Else?
I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new year!

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Sarias said...


I am very happy to hear your mother is still with us and I pray that that situation only improves with time. I have been horrifically busy, but wanted to drop you a note to say hi and wish you and your family the very best for 2005. My blog posted message for you is going the distance until I hear some better news - ok!