Thursday, August 11, 2005

Life......It keeps going

Well, Sorry it has been so long since I posted. It has been a crappy month! Mostly because I don't enjoy being pregnant much and everything, good and bad, seems to be magnified by 1000. I cant tell you how many times I have wanted to call my mom up just cry and vent. She was always really good at saying all the right the things to make me feel better. Unfortunately, that's not a possibility. Also, to all who don't know, we now know that we are having another boy. Yipee! This has been the root of a lot of my despair the last few weeks. I know it sounds horrible, but I thought with the year that we had God would have given us our little girl. Guess Not! I am grateful that its healthy and I, of course, wont love this child less, but this is really going to take some getting used to. I really just wanted two kids, so its kind of a bummer that I may never have a girl. Anyway, I have also been sick for like 3 weeks, I cant seem to get my energy level up and, well, nevermind.....I'll stop whining now. Its not real constructive. So, anyone have any name suggestions? Were stumped! OH, and Please, don't comment if your going to say how horrible I am for being disappointed that I am having a boy...I'm really tired of that. Thanks! OK, bring on some cool boy names!


John F. said...

I think you should go with John Warren Fuson, named after your wonderful loving perfect brother!!!!!!

Joni said...

We too are expecting another boy(most likely). I had a sonogram and it was a bit grainy so the sonographer(sp?)couldn't say for certain but he was pretty sure. What am I going to do with 3 boys?! I have been very sick as well. Do you know about taking vitamin B6(50mg) and unisom(the sleeping stuff over the counter)? It has helped me and it is safe. I am sorry it has been so bad lately. Just know that you're not the only one in some respects!

Sarafu said...

JOhn...I dont want to take that name from you...Hahahaha....What about you little boy...Hahahahaha! J/K!

Sarafu said...

Joni, 3 boys! Thats what would happen to me if I decided to try for a girl. If I ever have the guts to have another child it will be because I actually want to have another boy. I dont see that in my future :). BUt what do I know...thats in Gods hands. Daniel thinks we should adopt a that try to adopt a specific gender? Seems kinda picky...I dont know?

Miss Sara said...

I don't think it's selfish to try to adopt a certain gender. Especially if you're adopting from another country, because girls have it really bad in other places.

Cute boy names:


Sarafu said...

I like the names.....although I have a nephew name Caleb and one named Issac....Daniel sister prabally wouldnt want me to use those :)

On the adoption issue....I would LOVE to have a little foreign girl!

Elizabeth Fuson said...

I just wanted to ditto what you guys were saying about girls in other countries. They are treated VERY badly and don't share the same rights to a good life that we do. IT would be a rescue mission, plus you could get a girl for sure!!