Monday, September 19, 2005

Counting Down....

Beware, I am feeling really Deep today! :)
Did anyone watch the Emmys last night? (wasn't Jen cute, all big and pregnant) what's up with Patricia Arquette winning for Best Actress in a Drama? Thats Crap! And Hugh Laurie should have won for HOUSE! Oh Well, Life goes on! :) Had to get that off my chest!
10 DAYS AND COUNTING.......The ALIAS premiere.....Sept 29 :)


Anonymous said...

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Miss Sara said...

DUDE, Sara... I'm not a HUGE tv fan, but I just started watching the dvd's of the first season of Lost, and oh my goodness is that a good show! I'm TOTALLY hooked! Have you watched it? Man it's good!

Sarafu said...

Yah, I watched it all last season and although my first love is ALIAS I do Love Lost! Tonight is the premiere. Have you finished watching the last season??? Its gonna be good tonight!

leviathen said...

never thought i would be "into" a show. but Lost is the Bomb!. We had people invite us over for dinner tonight, and the first thing i said was, "as long as we are home to see lost"!


and dude whats up with Alias? Every season it keeps getting cookier. now she having a baby. how lame is that? i still watch it, but it has gotten cheesier every year.


Sarafu said...

Dude, Dont knock ALIAS on my blog! THats Wrong!!! :) Of COurse Sydneys pregnant, What are they supossed to do? Kick Jen off the show or try to hide her growing belly. They didnt have a ton of options. THe writers are good enough to be able to make it work! I hope anyway! Of Course, I am in it for the long haul, so even if its less than great I will still watch it!
Hey, what are you talking about, you've never been "into" a show before? YOu were Totally into ALIAS when it started!
Dude YOur Hilarious! :)

Sarafu said...

Hey Dude, wheres my blog updates?

leviathen said...

not like i am into lost. I really liked Alias. but it has gotten less exciting to me. but i am way more into lost than i was Alias.

Did you see it last night? Holy Crap!

i will get your stuff this weekend.


John F. said...

ALIAS SUCKS!!! I wouldn't watch it if you paid me.