Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fact or Theory??

Did someone not tell me that they found "The Missing Link" in the past few years and proved Evolution?? Is it now something that we can state as fact??? I wasn't aware of any such discovery. I was watching the news the other day and all these teachers were upset that some schools are allowing the theory of intelligent design be taught alongside the theory of evolution, giving students both theories of the origin of life. Well, these educated teachers and scientists were stating that we shouldn't be teaching kids garbage like that because there is no scientific basis to prove it, while evolution has biological evidence to prove itself true. OK, for one.....uhhhh....there is evidence to back up creation or Intelligent design, if they would have the guts to look at it. Second, Since when were we able to Prove evolution. Last I heard it was still a theory. Why is it that we, as an American people, are striving so hard to believe in an idea that gives us no value or purpose and we shun the idea that might possibly give us those 2 things. I'm not sure that I get that!


John F. said...

Because it is easier to totally deny the fact that there is a higher being than to face the fact that you have to live by a moral standard. If there is nothing out there then there is no accountability and we can do whatever we what because there is no real right or wrong.

Sarafu said...

Great Point!! Thats totally dead on!

leviathen said...

is VAUGH really dead or not. that is the question..... ring him or..........

will they bring him back as a women in the next episode?

i can just imagine sara sitting there watching as sidney talks about naming her child isabella.


thus another season of Alias begins.


Sarafu said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Your NOT allowed to Know ALIAS on my blog....I'm pretty sure its a rule!!! :) Plus you have to be nice to me because its my birthday!!!!! They talked to me about names, thats where they got Isabella. JJ himself called! LOL! It Sucks, you know me too well. I did get all goopy when they were talking about Isabella Bristow Vaughn. BUT....I was not real happy with the ending.....I dont care what he comes back as as long as he freakin comes back!! :)

Sarafu said...

Yo, Levi.....You do realize that when you know ALIAS you are knocking the creator and writer of LOST as well. Be NIce! :)

leviathen said...

Lost, obviously is his "piest de resitance'" (however you spell that)

I'm not knocking ALIAS, just musing over what catastophc event will bring about some non exsistent human disaster that will intern allow vaughn to return from the underworld as a newt that has magical powers and is the incarnated spirit of rambaldi.

thats all. :)