Monday, May 22, 2006

The Curtain Closes....

So, Its officially over now!:( I have to say we had a BLAST celebrating the Finale of ALIAS. I guess I shouldnt say Celebrating, but, you know. It was a reason to have a party, and I am Always up for a party! ANyway, Its late and I am exhausted but I wanted to post some fun pics of our evening. Hope any of you that watch the show enjoyed it! Good Night


leviathen said...


lamest finale i think I have ever seen. unreal.

The absolute demolition that slaon is allowed to get away with is deplorable. at no time would i ever expect sydney not to kill him the minute she sees him, no dialogue, no silver tongued blah blah blah. just F@#!*ing kill HIM!!!!!!!!

And then she is trying to kill her mom and changes her mind? starts trying to save her. HER MOTHER JUST SAID SHE WAS GOING TO KILL HER! they build you up with her dads speech about how she can beat her......... and then she falls through the glass?????? LAME LAME LAME!!!!! the writers built up so much hatred and animosity toward these characters over the years and thats how they eat it??!!!

COME ON!!!!!!!!! You SUCK JJ!!

at least marshall got some balls.


birdietwoshoes said...

Great pics, Sara. I was disappointed with the finale, but... I still love Alias.

By the way, weren't you just saying something about how you'd be sad if Charlie Gibson ever left GMA? Well, I just read an article that said he is in June. :( I feel sad for you. I guess he's taking over the ABC evening news. Crazy, eh?

Sarafu said...

WHAT Birdie, Charlie??? My life is gettin better every day! Un Freakin Real!!!! Man am I feeling Negative today!!!

leviathen said...


here ya go. just specualtion so far.

here's the article


Sarafu said...

It better be false cause I cant take anyhting else right now! :)
Charlie is my man.....What the hell am I going to watch in the Morning?

Sarafu said...

Oh, and for the record, I was also a little dissappointed in the Finale but I felt like I needed to stay Loyal to my show. LOTS of questions were left unanswered for me but its Still ALIAS and I still Love it!!! I did LOVE Marshall though!