Friday, May 05, 2006

Sheesh, Where does the time go

Just posting to post really, because it has been a while! Not much to say. I have been spending most of my time the past week or so trying to get my Pampered Chef business off the ground. Anyone want to have a party? :) The rest of my time not spent with my children has been spent reading one of my favorite blogs trying to revel in the last few weeks of my all time favorite show!!! I know, I'm pretty lame! LOL!!!
Asher got his shots yesterday and ended up with a fever all night! Poor baby was Miserable!! I know they need their shots but I have to say the adverse effects SUCK!!! Plus I hate that you have to hold their arms and they stare at you while they get 4 shots in their legs. They look at you with these eyes that say "why are you doin this to me" :( OK enough rambling!


birdietwoshoes said...

Oh Pampered Chef! I love their stuff! Especially their baking stones. And the Autumn Fruit Salad recipe. Yummy. I would have a party if you were in my town. Or state even. :)

Liz said...


I told the pampered chef lady that I want to have a party, but haven't signed up for a date yet. Maybe I could do one sometime in June when school is over! Yuck, poor Asher and his poor mommy! I do not look forward to taking my baby for shots! Hope you have a fabulous weekend and I will see you on Sunday!

Daniel said...

Daddy's the one who got up and got the medicine. Poor daddy!

Sarafu said...

Uh Oh, Jen you spoke to soon! You only live like 2 hours away.....I could SO throw a Pampered Chef party at your house!! How fun would that be!!! You thought you were going to get out of it just because you dont live in the same state as me! :) LOL!!!

Yes, its good to have a husband who will get up and help me in the middle of the night. Daniel cant breastfeed but he can sure take a temp and shoot thick orange goop down our childrens throat. Its funny, he is always the one to give the kids medicine so if I ever have to do it I end up having to ask him how much to give.

Elizabeth F. said...

It must be nice to have a husband that WAKES UP at night when you need help! My hubby (now off of working nights) is not conditioned to waking up to a baby's cry...even though Zachary has been waking up crying to nurse almost EVERY hour at night!!!