Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OK, You guys wanted to see me at 17 past due so here I am in the hospital. :) I Posted a couple of me in the tub and some more of little Eden. :) I sware by tomorrow I will have finished the birth story and posted it as well. Sorry, I have just not found the time between nursing and pumping!
Eden Update........ I took her to the Dr for her weigh in on Monday and we did get some good news. She weighed in at 6lbs 9oz. So she gained 4 ounces in 3 days and that made the drs very happy and it of course relieved some of my stress. She is so tiny and to watch her get smaller really makes you question all the things that you've thought in the past about feeding etc.... Luckily I have allot of people around me to support me and give me good advice. :) Thanks Elizabeth, Jenny, Christie and Sarah! :) Lets hope and pray that this continues and I can eventually stop having to supplement. I am just supplementing with breast milk but it sure is a pain. I gotta say that I don't know how people have the time to bottle feed. Call me lazy but it sure is a big pain in the A$$ to have to get up and like get everything together and then feed them. You have no extra hands to do anything else! Plus in the middle of the night you actually have to get up!! I would imagine that would be a Awful........ 3 am is not one of the time that I supplement.
Oh........ I will also post some pictures of ......get this....... Jacks first day of school!!!!! I know, Right! He LOVES it, he rides the bus to and from school and absolutely loves it. He started last Thursday and I couldn't have asked for it to go better. :) I will try to post those pics in the next few days. :)


Mrs. Sara said...




And you look hot! Who all did you have in the delivery room with you?

Sarafu said...

I had a whole crew with me!lol! Daniel was there of course, Christie was my doula, and Sarah P and Des were there helping as well. It wouldnt be fair to Daniel if I had him doing all of the work. Its not possible for him to hold my hand ang get me washcloths and hold the barf bucket and rub my shoulders. lol! Plus, I like having alot of support there but that is just me personally. I'm not super modest at that point......and its a good thing, cause I was all primal when Eden was born. lol! I ended up up nude cause I wouldnt let them touch me with the gown. Hence why there are no pics of when she was first born. :)

Jenny W said...

so proud of you sarafu! those pics are favorite is the holding hands with the rings showing. so special! and happy you have so many friends to help you thru delivery...i'm sure daniel was happy too:) eden will be fine, she'll be strong and stocky just like the boys and you'll tell her all about how she started so tiny. wait til she's 11 and taller than you! geez louise

Tammy said...

I just want to say what absolutely beautiful pictures. I am amazed and touched, what a blessing. I guess I am so moved because back in the day I don't recall ever seeing pictures of labor times. Of course, we didn't even have ultrasounds back then unless something seemed wrong. What a sweet precious thing those pictures are. Makes me wish I had some of my own to show my kids. Of course, I didn't really like their dads that much and like them even less now so, pics of my situation wouldn't have been so precious. Yours on the otherhand....AMAZING...Thanks for sharing.